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“Live with Purpose” Jennifer Coleman joins Baja United Group effort


August 3, 2017 (Agua Dulce, Calif.) / (Costa Mesa, Calif.): Jennifer Coleman, who many know from her work with the NORRA Mexican 1000, is joining the Baja United Group as Director of Operations. Baja United vows to “Live With Purpose.” In addition to offering the best wines and craft beers from The Guadalupe Valley and Mexico, a percentage of sales from every bottle will be donated to help support the orphanages and other charities in Baja California. The plan is to use this money to help build, nourish, and educate the less fortunate. They are helping to change a child’s life, one bottle of wine or beer at a time.

Coleman has developed her love of Baja by spending weeks at a time traveling down the Peninsula while helping to produce the NORRA Mexican 1000. The Mexican 1000 automotive rally runs from Ensenada, to the tip of the Baja Peninsula each year. Over the several days of the rally, competitors are immersed in the people, culture, and beauty of Baja. In addition to her work with NORRA, Coleman brings an impressive list of credentials that include a Professional Certificate of Financial Planning from the University of Houston, a Professional Certificate of Finance from the University of California, San Diego, and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Cum Laude in Extension Studies, area of concentration in Natural Science, and a field of study in Computer Science, from Harvard University.

“A major motivation for all of us at Baja United Group is that a portion of all sales will go directly back to Baja; specifically to children’s charities; orphanages, education, water conservation technologies and expanding public safety programs.” said Coleman, “Many of our Mexican 1000 racers get to Baja and are in race mode. It is my hope that we can get them back to Baja in a non-competitive, more family oriented way, and to take them to places they have never seen or experienced. Our relationship with the winemakers allows us to host unique VIP experiences. We can arrange everything from travel back and forth from San Diego (shuttle or helicopter), to picking out the best suited wineries for their tour. In the event that they can’t get to Baja, they can experience it in their own living room and still give back to the charities through a Baja United membership.”

The Baja United Group officially launched during the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 and had wine bottle service and NORRA Pale Ale on draft from Cerveceria Transpeninsular at each finish line location. The additional hospitality at the event was a huge success and resulted in a $4,000.00 contribution to an Ensenada orphanage.

U.S. Customs permits a very small quantity of all wine or spirits to legally cross into the States. Baja United’s distribution program delivers cases of your favorite wine to your front door within days of your order at an affordable price. Coleman explains, “I am sure we will ignite another community of folks that appreciate the gifts of Baja and share them with their loved ones all of the while giving back to the magical place that has given us so much. How wonderful to be able to have a story to share and great memories every time you pop that cork.”

With a climate similar to the greatest wine producing regions in the world, Valle Guadalupe has become a favorite of wine connoisseurs and foodies. Quaint family vineyards are tucked into the spectacular scenery of the valley; which is only a stone’s throw from Ensenada, and the Pacific Ocean. Ensenada has also become home to some of the best craft brew houses. With the trend overpopulating US markets, brewers have taken their craft South of the Border to make a name for themselves. Baja United is sharing incredible wines and beers with the world, and working to make the lives of less fortunate children much happier.

If you love Baja and would like to get involved in the wine and beer export business, you can find out how at: https://www.startengine.com/startup/baja-united-group

For information about the Mexican 1000 go to: https://www.norra.com

Please find and follow “Baja United” on your favorite social media forum to follow the calendar of events and learn how easy it is to bring Baja into your home.

Baja United Imports LLC, imports beer and wine from Baja California, where there is common interest to build a sustainable business and a foundation of giving back to those less fortunate. The Valle De Guadalupe is arguably one of the most unique trending areas for wine expansion and growth and according to Vogue magazine they recommend “Why you might want to skip Napa and visit Mexico’s wine country” (Vogue July, 2017).

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