Lofton Dueling In The Dirt In Baja, And On Pianos in Brawley!

Lofton Dueling In The Dirt In Baja, And On Pianos in Brawley!

Brawley, CAJustin had a great run at the Inaugural Lucerna, SCORE Baja 400 in Ensenada, Mexico. He started in the 11th spot and put the hammer down to finish 4th place. The course was very rough and the super tight roads that clung to the sides of cliffs made it tough to pass. The dust played a huge factor as well. Trying to charge through the dust on such narrow roads is pure suicide. In order to gain 7 spots, Justin had to be on the pipe, and take advantage of every opportunity.

“We are excited about our 4th place finishing position, said Justin. “We had a flat at about mile 50, and lost a couple of positions while changing it. We had a tough battle with a couple other trucks all day. I tried not to let them, or the dust, get to me. All of the speed zones throughout the course present challenges.

You can lose a lot of time by making a simple 1 mph mistake.” They narrowly missed another podium, but it gives Justin a 4th place starting position at the Baja 1000 in November!

When he wasn’t dueling on the race course, Justin and friends were having a great time at the 3rd annual Dueling Piano event at the Stockmen’s Club of Imperial Valley in Brawley, CA. Adam & Bill put on a heck of a show that brought the house down. The sold out crowd of over 300 people packed the venue to see the show.

Dates for the 4th annual show will be Sept 4th, 2020. Adam and Bill will also be the post tournament entertainment at the 10th annual Justin Lofton Foundation charity golf tournament at Del Rio Country Club in Brawley, CA. Be sure to mark the date of January 18th 2020 on your calendar and make plans to attend. Entry forms can be found at and follow us on Instagram: @JustinLoftonfoundation.

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In addition to the shirts you can order posters, hats, stickers, prints; even action packed shots of Justin racing printed on high quality canvass. The website also has links to the ongoing #AHBEEF Life video series that takes you behind the scenes with Justin and the crew as they experience life. It’s packed with action, fun, and lots of #AHBEEF on the grill. The newest episode includes prerunning for the Baja 400. Go to for all the latest about Justin Lofton.

The granddaddy of all offroad races, the SCORE Baja 1000, is quickly approaching. Justin will be starting up front so it’s guaranteed to be a fast paced race. Stay tuned to find out what takes place during the always grueling Baja 1000.

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