Lofton Sets Pole At Silver State Qualifying –

Lofton Sets Pole At Silver State Qualifying


Justin Lofton is your first car off the line for the BITD Silver State 300 race. Held in Hidden Valley, the BITD qualifying loop was a short, tight, and dusty loop of hard packed dirt and graded turns. Much like the race course on Saturday the loop was a sprint from start to finish. Rob MacCachren who is usually the man on top finished second only 3 seconds behind Lofton, and rounding out the top five it was Same Berri, Pat Dean, and Chuck “Tom Seleck” Hovey.


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

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  1. Good to see the Motion Tire car up there in the top 10. That whole team is a class act in the sport an highly respected. Richard Boyle and Kory Halopoff are what I believe to be a force that is unstoppable. I Believe after some research I did Mr. Halopoff has a win streak of 3 races right now and look forward to seeing them upfront saturday, he is an outstanding driver and mechanic that is very well looked after in the sport. On a side note it says alot for the team being privateer based and to be running up front with the big dogs. I just want to thank the Motion Tire Team for always being a class act and putting on a great show and I look forward to seeing many more wins out of the team and hopefully a world championship. Also hope to see you guys at the Mexico races best of luck in the remainder of the 2013 series.

    Thank You and just for reference I’m not part of the team I race my self, I just thought it was necessary after seeing these guys week in and week out always up there contending for the win and personally I just feel Motion Tire doesn’t get the credit nor recognition they deserve for their outstanding performance an hard work.

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