LOORRS Reno Brings The Fans And The Rain

The racers weren’t the only ones who put on a show out in Reno for the latest round of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. Mother Nature had her own plans to try and spoil the show but a patient Lucas Oil staff and even more patient crowd persevered and the show went on.

It wouldn’t be a short course race this season if we didn’t have some rain. Qualifying would get cut short due to rain dumping down and lightning strikes close to the track. What started out as a small sprinkle quickly turned into a downpour that flooded the pits and put a few lakes out on the track.

The Reno fans showed that they do love their short course as most of the people at the track stuck it out with the teams and filled the grandstands once racing started.

The rain eventually stopped and things got underway at 7pm sharp for opening ceremonies. The UTV’s picked the short straw and were first out on the track and got the privilege of moving all the mud out of the way to burn in the track. As each race went on the track got better and better and the fans got some great racing.

For me this race was a little extra special because I got to bring my son out and he got to watch all the races in the stands while I worked. He’s a huge short course fan and this was the first time he got to sit and watch all the races by himself. We had a great time and made some cool memories along the way.

Here are some quick footnotes from Reno and below I’ll have Lucas give a few of his thoughts on the race as well (unedited). Also be sure to check out the rest of the photos at the end!

  • The Lucas Oil track crew did a great job giving the racers a track to race on after all the rain that hit.
  • The track in Reno is one of the faster tracks on the circuit but it would be nice to see some bigger jumps on the course. Maybe even run the track backwards.
  • The past few years in Reno have all been day races, seems like it was a good decision to move it to a night race with the summer heat.
  • While some teams weren’t happy traveling all the way to Reno for one day, it looked to be the right choice as the past few years each day the stands were only half full, and this year it was packed.
  • Ryan Beat continues to dominate in Prolite.
  • Bradley Morris won his first Pro 2 race of the year taking the lead over Brian Deegan late in the race.
  • The Kart kids had the roughest time having to stay up past their bed time with their races ending close to midnight.
  • Greg Adler wasn’t able to make it to practice Friday and with qualifying getting canceled due to the rain his first time on the track was for the race, but was still able to pull off a second place finish.
  • After struggling the first half of the season Eliot Watson got his first Pro Buggy win of the season.
  • A few years ago LOORRS held an autograph session between qualifying and opening ceremonies, I think the fans would enjoy bringing that back.

Lucas’s Thoughts

  • It was cool.
  • The weather was very crazy but fun staying inside the pit the whole time.
  • Good job Bradley Morris for taking the win. You had a lot of speed coming down the front stretch.
  • They really need to build up the jumps because no one was getting air except for Kyle Leduc.
  • It was really cool seeing on the last turn of Pro 4 seeing Cenni dive bomb into Adler then they both got on the bike.
  • I like how Bradley Morris came in after the caution and dive-bombed into first with speed and pushed Brian Deegan into the wall. It was fun to watch.
  • It was fun to play with Reedy in Kyles pit.
  • I liked helping groove the tires in Kyles Pit
  • It was fun but I was voting for Trevor Briska for Pro Buggy but was sad but fun to watch when Trey Gibbs spun him out in turn one.
  • I liked how I got to meet a bunch of the drivers like, Rob MacCachren, Cole Mamer, Greg Adler.

Photos by HighRev Photography