LOORRS Returns to Baja For Rounds 3 And 4

Baja has a long history of racing down the peninsula in some of the most iconic off-road races in the world but it also has a rich history in short course racing as well.

This past weekend the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series returned to its yearly trip down south of the border to the Estero Beach Resort for Rounds 3 and 4 of racing.

The fans in Baja love racing and always come out to support the races in full force. Both Saturday and Sunday had full stands of people cheering on the drivers as they put on a show.

Both days had some great racing and the drivers really did deliver to the fans. Here are some footnotes from the weekend and be sure to take a look at the full gallery below!

    • Brock Heger had a great weekend sweeping not only Prolite but also Production UTV both days.
    • Kyle Leduc turned heads coming out with a new rear suspension setup this weekend.   A blown motor took him out of the race on Saturday while leading and he finished second on Sunday, so time will tell how the new setup will do.
    • Trevor Briska won the Pro Buggy race on Saturday but was given a DNF after the team used tires that weren’t on the approved tech list by mistake.
    • Rodrigo Ampudia slapped in a 410 motor for this weekend to start up front to try and win in front of his home crowd.  He was running up front both days but had to settle for a second place on Sunday.
    • The rhythm section claimed a few racers again this weekend including Trevor Leighton who rolled once in practice on Friday and then again Saturday during qualifying.
    • Mod Karts, Jr 2 Karts, and RZR 170 decided again to skip Baja.
    • When the Baja 500 comes to town next week they’ll be using the short course track for the start/finish.

Round 3 Results
Turbo UTV
1. Corry Weller
2. Ronnie Anderson
3. Chance Haugen
Pro 4
1. RJ Anderson
2. Doug Mittag
3. Adrian Cenni
Production 1000
1. Brock Heger
2. Robert Stout
3. Myles Cheek
Pro Buggy
1. Eliott Watson
2. Bud Ward
Pro Lite
1. Brock Heger
2. Christopher Polvoorde
3. Ryan Beat
Pro 2
1. Jerett Brookds
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Brian Deegan

Round 4 Results
Pro 4
1. Doug Mittag
2. Kyle Leduc
3. RJ Anderson
Production 1000
1. Brock Heger
2. Robert Stout
3. Cole Keatts
Pro Buggy
1. Bud Ward
2. Eliott Watson
3. Trevor Briska
Pro Lite
1. Brock Heger
2. Mickey Thomas
3. Ronnie Anderson
Pro 2
1. Rob MacCachren
2. Rodrigo Ampudia
3. Jerett Brooks
Turbo UTV
1. Trevor Leighton
2. Andy Ives
3. Trey Gibbs

Photos by HighRev Photography