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LOORRS Vegas Ends With Epic Battles


Round 4 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series was one to remember. With record-breaking heat into the triple digits and no excuse to save their equipment, racers put on one heck of a show for the fans at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

After coming up short in Round 3 due to mechanical failure, 2012 Pro 4 champion Kyle LeDuc was on rails for qualifying in Round 4 and was able to take the pole position.

When the green flag dropped it would be Tilted Kilt driver Corry Weller who would make her way to the front of the pack and make quick work of Josh Merrell. Starting in the second row, LAT Toyota driver Eric Barron started pushing his way to the front past Merrell as well. From that point, it was on like donkey kong! Sitting directly behind Barron was Renezeder, LeDuc and MacCachren and as if they had planned it, on lap 5 the charge was on and body parts started flying. Carl Renezeder pushed the issue early on and it paid off greatly. After a 3-lap tango between Eric Barron, Rob MacCachren, Carl Renezeder and Kyle LeDuc it would be Renezeder, LeDuc and MacCachren in the top three.

After a caution free 14 lap main event Renezeder, LeDuc and MacCachren would find themselves running one, two and three all the way to the checkers.

After yesterdays dramatic Pro Lite finish, Rj Anderson and Sheldon Creed set their sites on the first place position and were determined to beat the always lethal Brian Deegan.

As the stacked 27-truck Pro Lite field approached the green flag it was last years champ Rj Anderson who would qualify on the top spot and lead the entire field. Lined up next to Anderson was Jared Brooks and directly behind the duo was Ryan Beat and Brian Deegan.

Deegan got an early jump on the green flag and quickly moved himself into the second place position, positioned directly behind the champ Rj Anderson. After a full course yellow a couple laps after the start, Jared Brooks got into Brian Deegan in turn 5 causing Deegan to get shuffled to the rear of the field. It was than Creed, Beat and Currie who would have the daunting task of running down Rj Anderson.

By lap 8 Rj Anderson had completely ran away with the race and displayed to the Las Vegas crowd why he is the reigning Pro Lite champion. With a full course yellow on the last lap Sheldon Creed had his opportunity to get Rj once and for all. Creed had Ryan Beat breathing down his back on the restart and Casey Currie in position and waiting to pounce on any mistake. As luck would have it Sheldon Creed would blow his second place finish on the last lap for a second round in a row, but this time in turn two. Beat went down with mechanical failure exiting turn one and Currie put the hammer down all the way to the finish.

When the dust settled it would be Rj Anderson, Casey Currie and Kyle Hart standing on top of the podium at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The third place finish would be the first time Hart (son of Marty Hart) would step on the podium in Prolite after making the jump from Trophy Karts.

As the Pro Lite finishers exited the track, the Pro 2 field made their way to the main stage. Round 4 would stack up similar to Round 3 except Round 4 would be missing one driver from the Pro 2 field. According to sources, young rebel Robby Woods and the #99 Pro 2 team would be ejected out of Las Vegas Motor Speedway for “dangerous driving” in Round 3. Woods who is already on probation from Rounds 1 & 2 packed his bags and hit the road back to Pahrump.

Back at the track, Patrick Clark held the pole position along side Brian Deegan. Deegan got the early jump on the green flag and took the lead after exiting turn one. As the laps would click away, Patrick Clark would soon lead the race and engage himself in a boxing match with “The General” Brian Deegan. Just behind Clark and Deegan, Carl Renezeder and Rob MacCachren would find themselves in a boxing match of their own for the majority of the race.

With two laps remaining all hell would break loose. Patrick Clark found himself victim to a rear flat tire and continue his charge to catch back up to Deegan. Rob MacCachren and Austin Kimbrell saw the blood in the water and went into full attack mode all the way to the finish. MacCachren and Kimbrell would sandwich Clark through the last turn and carry him through to the checkered flag for a photo finish to determine second and third place.

When the final results were in, it would be Pro 2 rookie Austin Kimbrell who would sneak past Rob MacCachren for the second place position and MacCachren would be left to settle for third place.

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series heads to sunny California for Rounds 5 & 6 at Lake Elsinore on May 18th and 19th. Prepare yourself for yet another dramatic short course season, it’s just starting to get good!

Words by Adam “Gunnslinger” Gunn

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

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