LOORRS Wheatland Is A Success

If you build it, they will come. The Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series has built a brand new track in the small town of Wheatland Missouri, inside their first class Lucas Oil Speedway that also houses a dirt oval and a lake for boat drag racing.

A year in the making what has been a vision for Forest Lucas and the rest of the LOORRS staff is now a reality. The track is unlike any other course on the circuit. Its the longest track at 1.3 miles, it has the most turns in 9, there is an over under jump for the first time and a huge table top in the back of the track that has trucks jumping over the tree lines.

This track is also the furthest away for most teams so earlier in the year LOORRS announced that they would be helping teams with travel costs by giving each team $1500, which also went for any teams outside of LOORRS in the hopes of having some midwest boys come and play.

The day started off with a packed crowd in the covered grandstands who were under there to avoid the hot temperatures mixed with high humidity. While the population of Wheatland is only 300+ people, the facility has a rich history or putting on racing almost every weekend and people come out from all over the surrounding cities.

Lucas Oil did their part in building a beautiful track and the fans did theirs by coming out to check out the series, only thing left was for the drivers to put on a great show. They did just that and you could hear the excitement in the crowd. The stands would go crazy every time there was a pass, if a car rolled over and then kept going the screams would overpower the engine noises.

All in all we’d have to say that the inaugural Wheatland race was a success for Lucas Oil and expect for it to only get bigger as word spreads.

Here are some of our favorite photographs from Round 7 and we are looking forward to another great day on Sunday!

Forest Lucas of Lucas Oil drops the green flag on the first race in Wheatland at the Lucas Oil Speedway.

One of the cool features on the track is the over under in the middle of the track.

If you build it they will come…

The back table top is huge and trucks are flying close to 250′, but when they do the landing is so nice.

Brian Deegan battled hard today and took home the win in Pro 2.

Brock Heger has been on a tear lately winning both in the UTV class and in his Prolite.

The climb to the top. Here you can get an idea of how big the face of the back table top is.

10 years ago the Speedway hosted a WSORR in the dirt oval and who won Pro 4? Carl Renezeder. Fast forward to 2017 and who won Pro 4 on the return? Carl Renezeder.

With 9 turns on the track the course zig zags around each other.

Most LOORRS tracks are in large cities but with Wheatland being a small town its surrounded by huge tree lines.

Another interesting feature on the course is turn three or the “Daytona Turn” which its called as its a huge banked turn.

Forest Lucas admiring his dream.

Tropy Kart Results
1. Trey Gibbs
2. Luke Knupp
3. Chris Nunes

UTV Results
1. Brock Heger
2. Dustin Nelson
3. Mickey Thomas

Pro 4 Results
1. Carl Renezeder
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Bradley Morris

Prolite Results
1. Jerett Brooks
2. Brock Heger
3. Cole Mamer

Pro Buggy Results
1. Elliot Watson
2. Darren Hardesty Jr.
3. Sterling Cling

Pro 2 Results
1. Brian Deegan
2. RJ Anderson
3. Jeremy McGrath

Photos by HighRev Photography


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