Round 7 in Utah is a Winner

If you build it they will come. It was true last year, and today the same held true as the grandstands were full here at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT. The racers put on a great show for the fans with hard fought battles in all classes. In Pro 2 Robert Naughton got his second win of the season as he proved to be the fastest from the start, with Stronghold teammate Jeremy McGrath coming in second place right behind him. In the Pro 4 race, Rick Huseman dropped out mid-race giving Carl Renzeder and Kyle Leduc room to battle it out till the end with Leduc coming away with the win.

In the Prolite race there were two big crashes with Matt Loidice nosing in on the rhythm section sending his truck into a cartwheel until it finally laid to rest. Cameron Steele led the majority of the race until Brian Deegan made contact and put PAB behind a few spots. Deegan finished first physically but was black flagged because of the incidence which gave the race win to Casey Currie, giving the V8 powered truck its first win of the year.

Pro 2
1. Rob Naughton
2. Jeremy McGrath
3. Rodrigo Ampudia
4. Carl Renezeder
5. Brian Deegan
6. Jeremy Stenberg
7. Rob MacCachrem
8. Jeff Geiser
9. Robby Woods
10. Greg Adler
11. Greg Nunley
12. Robbie Pierce
13. Phil Bollman

Pro 4
1. Kyle Leduc
2. Carl Renezeder
3. Adrian Cenni
4. Todd Leduc
5. Josh Merrell
6. Travis Coyne
7. Kent Brascho
8. Jerry Daugherty
9. Curt Leduc
10. Rick Huseman
11. Aaron Daugherty

1. Casey Currie
2. Rodrigo Ampudia
3. Chris Brandt
4. Cameron Steele
5. Jimmy Stephensen
6. Matt Cook
7. Brian Deegan
8. Austin Kimbrell
9. Jacob Person
10. RJ Andrewson
11. Kyle Leduc
12. Stephan Papadakis
13. Corey Sisler
14. Matt Loiodice

Super Lite
1. Partrick Clark
2. RJ Anderson
3. Chad George
4. Jacob Person
5. Jessie Johnson
6. Luke Johnson
7. Dawson Kirchner
8. Ron Duncombe
9. Jason Ellis
10. Ryan Hagy
11. Wyatt Kirchner
12. Mike McCarthy
13. Austin Kimbrell
14. Brent Fouch
15. Garrett Poleman

Unlimited Buggy
1. Justin Smith
2. Mike Porter
3. Doug Fortin
4. Steven Greinke
5. John Holmes
6. Bobby Pecoy
7. Jerry Whelchel
8. Brandon Bailey
9. Gregg Reichman
10. Cody Freeman

Limited Buggy
1. Quentin Tucker
2. Bruce Fraley
3. Bradley Morris
4. Curt Geer
5. John Fitzgerald
6. Dave Mason
7. Kevin McCullough
8. Kenny Freeman
9. Geoffrey Cooley
10. Zachary Hunt
11. Lindsday Geiser
12. Greg Crew

Photos by Jason Zindroski @ HighRev Photography.

Fig goes big! Nice Work Stronghold!