Loren Healy Will Start First At The 2020 Nitto King Of The Hammers

97 cars left the start line today in the 4400 class to qualifying for starting positions for the 2020 Nitto Tire King of the Hammers race.

The biggest race of KOH week goes down on Friday and starting towards the top is crucial in fighting for the win. The majority of the wins have come from people who have either qualified first or somewhere in the top 20. Its rare that someone comes from the back though Shannon Campbell did it for one of his wins.

This year Loren Healy beat everyone by nearly 3 seconds with a time of 2:35:93, on a course that had some high speed sections as well as some good hill climbs with large boulders to get around. Second was last years winner Jason Scherer with a time of 2:38:82, and rounding out the top three was Jason Blanton finishing at 2:39:30.


Some notable heavy hitters and previous winners such as Shannon Campbell finished 19th, Erik Miller finished 13th and Randy Slawson came across the finish line in 73rd place. Cameron Steele who is racing every race this year finished in the 20th spot, and Paul Horschel who usually qualifies near the top finished 30th.

Friday is a long day however and anything can and will happen. Attrition has famously found a way to make the race interesting and when it comes down to it the fast always work their way to the top.

Photos by HighRev Photo