Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series in Glen Helen offered Spectacular Racing under the Lights

Rodrigo Ampudia in his Papas&Beer Pro2 going big
Rodrigo Ampudia in his Papas&Beer Pro2 going big

Round 10 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series went into the record books this past Sunday in Glen Helen. Unlike the previous day, attendance was a bit down giving everyone some breathing room. It didn’t appear to be sold out so hopefully no race fan had to be denied access and sent home.

Racing started at 7pm and wrapped up around 10:30pm. Racing under the night seemed to be a hit with the fans while some racers complained about poor visibility on some parts on the track. Perhaps headlights will be a new addition to short course racing in the near future?


Pro4 was the first event following the opening ceremonies. The starting lineup was 3-22-8-5-43-36-99-22-13-31-1-8

Right away Kyle LeDuc #99 managed to position himself out front. It took him exactly 1 lap from 3rd row to the numero uno spot.

Racing seemed to be a repeat of the previous day with Kyle leading followed by Rick Huseman #36 then Adrian Cenni #11.

Around lap 3 Josh Merrell #22 in the Hart & Huntington truck rolled in turn 5 setting the entire track in yellow flag mode. While the pace truck is regrouping the Pro4 trucks Rick Huseman suddenly pulled away from his 2nd position into the pits for a tire change. At the re-start Rick was in dead last position but still on the lead lap.

The Top5 line up is 99-11-31-1-5…

Rick Huseman being Rick the last position is not exactly where he wants to be so only 2 laps later he calls 4th place his new home while Kyle pulls away from the pack expanding the distance between him and 2nd place. Adrian Cenni’s vehicle starts steaming from the rear radiator area of his #11 machine; a sure sign of a cooling malfunction that sends him into the pits and done for the day.

Fast forward to Competition yellow. The front runner lineup is now Kyle, Carl Renezeder #1, Mike Johnson #31, Rick, Travis Coyne #5 then Eric Barron #3. During the restart lap Travis pulls off the track due to some unknown problems. Then in the first lap after the re-start Curt LeDuc barrel rolls multiple times in turn 3, lands on his roof, gets turned over, fires up the truck and is back in the race.

The a lap later Carl Renezeder performs a perfect grind in turn 4 but since this is not skating there was no advantage gained. Rick Huseman gets spun around and again moves from the front group to the very back.

During the next lap John Harrah #13 rolls in turn 4 forcing yet another full course yellow.

Top 8 line up is 99-1-5-8-43-23-36-31…

With just a few laps to go Kyle and Carl go neck-and-neck for half a lap and ultimately Carl emerges ahead, but not for long as he knocks himself out in a turn 5 roll-over. The white flag is out while the track goes full yellow yet again. Curt LeDuc is physically behind Kyle on the track, lending a fatherly protection for any possible takeovers for the lead.

Remember Rick Huseman in the Monster Energy Toyota? Two times during the race was he in last position and both times did he managed to move to the front. He is in 2nd place as the race finishes under a yellow/checkered flag.

Kyle LeDuc hugging the crowd after his win in Pro4
Kyle LeDuc hugging the crowd after his win in Pro4

After the finish Kyle and Curt in perfect synchrony performed crowd pleasing donuts in front the grandstands. It appeared that Curt was more happy than Kyle over the win.

Top5 Results:

  1. Kyle LeDuc #99
  2. Rick Hiuseman #36
  3. Kent Brascho #8
  4. Mike Johnson #31
  5. Erric Barron #3


Pro2 was the last race of the day

During the warmup and staging lap Robbie Pierce #30 lost control of his truck and gently rolled it onto his side in turn 4 before the race even started adding some delay before the green flag dropped.

Right away after turn 2 in the first lap a couple of trucks went out of control. In the turn, Carl #1 goes a little bit wide, hooks and then over-corrects shooting through a group of trucks into the inside of the turn. He managed to hit Rodrigo #36 and another truck. All 3 where able to continue.

Robbie Pierce going for a big tumble
Robbie Pierce going for a big tumble

Then just 2 seconds later Mike Johnson#31 touches Rob McChachren #21 who consequently gets out of shape. Rob then bumps into Robbie Pierce in the Mastercraft #30 truck that was just a car length ahead. All of this happens in the rhythm bump section between turn 2 and turn3. Robbie is now sideways getting abruptly directed to the right and then violently a multiple rollover crash.

The race was instantly red flagged and forced every competitor to come to a complete stop while rescue teams rushed to the scene. It seemed to take forever as track workers and safety staff extracted Robbie from his truck and then into an ambulance. As of this writing his status is very stable. He’s in a lot of pain due to two broken collar bones and an injured knee that hit the dashboard during the crash. As you may know Robbie represents Mastercraft Safety, the company that builds pretty much every safety component a race car can have. His violent crash is proof of the integrity of his own products. The entire racing community is hoping for a speedy recovery.

It seemed there was a dark cloud laying over the remainder of the race as lots of people where wondering about the well-being of Robbie.

After the retstart it was 44-48-31-21-7-17-8…

Just 2 laps into racing Rob McCahcren moved himself into the lead.

Soon it was Rob up front followed by Ricky Johnson #48, then a battle between Bryce Menzies #7 and Jeff Geiser #44 followed by Carl Renezeder #17.

At the half way point of the race after the competition yellow it was 21-48-7-17-44-10-54-8-36…

Ricky Johnson pulls of the track with some mechanical problems making room for a new 2nd place runner.

The race went rather uneventful with no more lead changes to give Rob McChanren his 2nd win for the weekend. Carl Renezeder finally in his 4th try this weekend reached the podium alongside Greg Adler in the #10 4Wheel Parts Pro2 truck.

Asked to sum up the entire weekend in a single sentence, “Perfect” was Rob’s single word answer. “Lots of hard work went into this one….We come here to win and all credit is due to my amazing crew that made it possible again..”

TOP5 Results:

  1. Rob McChanren #21
  2. Carl Renezeder #17
  3. Greg Adler #10
  4. Rodrigo Ampudia #36
  5. Mike Johnson #31

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