Malo wins but Salgado takes it all! CODE Mexicana Logistics 300

For Corredores del Desierto (CODE) there’s never enough excuses to visit the Laguna Salada area to enjoy some good off-road racing, this time they put again 300 excuses to travel down to Baja to enjoy the last heat of the Mexicali’s summer with their biggest race, the Mexicana Logistics 300.

With a temperature reaching over 100 degrees, we are not afraid to said that thousands of people gathered together to watch, help, work and enjoy the race where 150 entries of all classes took the green flag.

The track consisted in fast sections with mostly heavy sand, terrain well known by most racers. Knowing this, CODE officials changed small sections of the racecourse keeping the same 3 lap format on a 75 mile loop for the fast classes and 2 laps for the limited classes.

With a really fast pace the race concluded without any mayor incident. Sergio Salgado with his Class 10 took the Overall win with a time of 4:04:40, almost 10 minutes ahead of the Open Class winner, Ricardo Malo on board of his beautiful one-seat Class 1. Juan Carlos “PIN’ Lopez, the fan-favorite to win the race had to keep the 2nd place after having mechanical issues.

In 4th overall we had #1604 Abraham Gutierrez who also took the first place in the 1/2-1600 Class, followed by #1605 Mario Estrella and  #1602 Daniel Bocho. In Class 7s the Valdez family leaded by Willy Valdez Sr. along with Willy Valdez Jr. and Willy Valdez Third together took the first place and with it the first place in the CODE Championship so far.

Is common hear among the big budget teams the “1st place or nothing” or “race until it breaks” but for some others finishing is everything, like the #1510 team who driver, codriver and teammates pushed their racecar all way to the finish getting an honorable 4th place in class, respect for this guys.

To us, this race marks the beginning of the end for the racing season, only a few races left on the calendar where most of the racing associations only have one race left this year, let’s finish this season stronger than ever! Looking at you Baja 1000.

Complete Results, HERE


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