Mastercraft Safety / Impact Off-Road Team Action from LOORS Rounds 3&4 2011

The Mastercraft Safety / Impact Off-Road team consists of off-road legend Rob MacCachren, Pro-Lite standout Matt Loiodice, and Mastercraft Safety / Impact President Robbie Pierce. Robbie Pierce formed the Mastercraft Safety / Impact off-road team in order to build and test the most advanced safety products in the world. He put himself in the drivers seat so he could see, hear and feel what racers were experiencing, and build safety products that provide true protection for our family of racers. With a nod to the legendary, and the up-and-coming, Robbie signed off-road veteran Rob MacCachren and short-coarse upstart Matt Loiodice. Together they make a formidable team in both open desert and short-coarse off-road racing. Mastercraft Safety / Impact also supports numerous off-road teams and leagues around the world.

Produced by Mad Media – Directed by The Martelli Brothers