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Mastercraft Safety Shop Tour

Mastercraft Safety is located in Santee, CA and is perhaps best known for its off road seats and restraint systems but there is a whole lot more going on at Mastercraft. They invited Race-Dezert.com to come in and take a look behind the scenes at some of their new products.

Mastercraft Safety is now making a RaceSuit and many racers are already using it and love it. Each race suit is custom designed and made by hand in-house at Mastercraft. They start out with a computer rendering to make sure they get exact placement for sponsor logos and driver name along with custom colors.

There are several parts of the race suit that make it the best on the market. The outside of the suit is made with Stretch knit Nomex® and includes a lower back expansion panel for added comfort. The arm section of the suit is made with 360 degree stretch knit arm attachments for added mobility soft Nomex® knit.

The neck area of the suit is a Velcro closure, embroidered with the MasterCraft “button” logo.

The legs are boot cut with hidden ankle cuffs made of soft Nomex® knit.

Each piece of the suit is hand sewn together in-house.

Once the suit is fully assembled it is sent over to quality control to make sure it is up to the highest of Mastercraft Safety standards.

Next we visited the seat and restraint area. Mastercraft has a state of the art cutting machine that is able to save countless hours over cutting by hand. This machine cuts out the patterns for each seat in just seconds! It can run all day as long as fabric is supplied to it.

Each seat design starts out as a CAD drawing and then is made into real life.

Over in the fabrication shop they make the actual frame of the seat one step at a time. It starts as just straight tube and then it gets cut, bent, and welded in jigs for different style seats.

One of the next steps is gluing the foam onto the frame of the seat.

Once the foam is inside the seat it gets the fabric sewn and stitched onto it, add a Mastercraft Safety harness and the package is complete!

Mastercraft also has a race shop where they are able to do prep on some of their prerunners and race trucks.

Race-Dezert.com would like to thank Mastercraft Safety for letting us come down and tour your facilities and see exactly how your products are made. If you would like more information about any of the products above or any of their various other products please visit: http://www.mastercraftsafety.com

Awesome shop tour! I love the fact that they are made in the USA. Keep up the good work.