Matt Loiodice in the Hunt

Matt Loiodice is podium threat at every single short course race. Part of the Mastercraft Safety / Impact Off Road Team with off-road legend Rob MacCachren, and Robbie Pierce, Matt Finished an impressive 4th place overall in Pro-Lite class in the 2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Supported by Mastercraft Safety / Impact, Maxxis Tire, and Jimco,  Matt  is posed to continue to make his climb up the podium in the ultra  competitive pro-lite class. The competition this year has stepped up significatly, but so has Matt Loiodice.

Directed by The Martelli Brothers, Produced by Mad Media

Good luck this weekend Matt!
  • S
    SI Industries
  • May 19, 2011
Not sure why he is getting so much attention lately, unless he is close with martelli. He hasn't won anything yet and who cares about Pro-lites anyway. 4th place last season??? I mean come on now...
  • J
  • May 20, 2011
I agree...... focus on guys with skill and have won!