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Maxima Racing Oils, a leading supplier of specialized lubricants and performance fluids to the 4-wheel racing, powersports, and bicycle world adds TSCO racing to their roster of top teams competing under the Maxima banner. TSCO, guided by brothers Mark and Gary Weyrich, compete in the unlimited Trophy Truck and Trick Truck classes of desert off-road racing. Their trucks endure the most extreme conditions on the planet running at speeds in excess of 120 mph across punishing desert courses. They cover terrain that varies from deep, power robbing sand washes and rocky, mountainous trails to bottomless silt beds in climates that range from frigid and wet to extreme triple digit heat.

Mark Weyrich TSCO Racing

“I’m fortunate to be able to participate in many forms of racing with Maxima. Off-road racing is one of the gnarliest forms of competition, placing tremendous stresses on man and machine. The TSCO Trophy Truck team is a perfect partner to Maxima, allowing us to actively develop stronger, better products for racing,” says Maxima Racing Oils President Danny Massie.

“We use Maxima products in our race trucks, support vehicles, personal bikes and daily drivers,” says TSCO team manager John Vance, “Every mechanical system on our trucks takes incredible punishment. Maxima has the race proven products that give us the performance and reliability we need. We saw a 60 degree drop in temperature when using their power steering fluid and their shock fluid has allowed us to push these big trucks to the limit in the absolute worst conditions. Whatever our trucks demand, Maxima has a solution for our needs.”

Proper maintenance and meticulous preparation is crucial in desert racing. The team spends countless hours in the shop disassembling, cleaning and inspecting each vehicle between races. Maxima MPPL penetrating fluid, Clean-Up degreaser and Bio Wash, an Earth friendly, biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner are used to remove the layers of dirt and grime from the trucks when they return to the shop after a race. “We need cleaners that work quickly without damaging any of the different surfaces and materials found on the chassis. Maxima products work fast and make the whole shop smell great,” says John Vance.

“SC1 has found another home in off-road racing with its unique ability to shine and protect rubber, plastic and painted surfaces. SC1 is the perfect coating for protecting desert race vehicles. Acting as a mud release, it makes the entire clean-up process faster and easier,” says Danny Massie.

Maxima Racing Oils and TSCO Racing are determined to redefine performance through their mutual participation. TSCO brings decades of racing experience and a unique laboratory for Maxima’s technicians to utilize. Maxima Racing Oils is constantly improving their products by working closely with their sponsored race teams and athletes to create the finest products they need to stay out front.

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