McGrath, Menzies, Beat and George All Win In Baja

Once again the fans came out in support of short course offroad out at Estero Beach for the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. Last year Lucas Oil brought short course back to the legendary course and it was a huge success. Today was no different as the stands were packed with cheering fans.


For this year there were minor track changes but the largest was bringing in outside dirt to help mix in with the sandy dirt already on the track. The hope was to get a better base on the course so that it wouldn’t deteriorate as quickly as it did last year. While the new dirt did help the track still got tore up which the fans love as it creates big roost and ruts and makes the drivers more conscious each lap.


Crop Circles? Aliens?

Bryce Menzies took home the win in Pro 4 to beat a group of hard chargers.

Float like a butterfly.

Pro 4 Results
1. Bryce Menzies
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Kyle Leduc
Fastest Lap – Kyle Leduc
Top Qualifier – Kyle Leduc

Racing at Estero Beach does not suck.

After chasing Jerett Brooks and Brandon Arthur all year Ryan Beat finally landed on top today.

Prolite Results
1. Ryan Beat
2. Jerett Brooks
3. Brandon Arthur
Fastest Lap – Ryan Beat
Top Qualifier – Ryan Beat

We always love seeing drivers show emotions after a win.

Garrett George showing the correct way to celebrate.


Pro Buggy Results
1. Garett George
2. Darren Hardest
3. Eliott Watson
Fastest Lap – Eliott Watson
Top Qualifier – Eliott Watson

Jeremy McGrath and Rob MacCachren put on a great show for the fans today in Pro 2.

You may need that Doug…

Still feel safe behind a catch fence?

Rodrigo made his hometown proud by landing on the podium today in Pro 2.

Sometimes you just need to put out your fire yourself…

Pro 2 Results
1. Jeremy McGrath
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Rodrigo Ampudia
Fastest Lap – Rodrigo Ampudia
Top Qualifier – Rob MacCachren

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography