McMillin Wins Overall & Class for 2009 at Cold & Tough HENDERSON FABTECH DESERT CLASSIC

Las Vegas, Nevada December 8, 2009

Just like all Best in the Desert races, this one was a true Casey Folks adventure!!

Because Casey always has the competitor’s safety in mind, he ran 4 individual races with the fastest vehicles running in the afternoon to avoid being run over by the high-horsepower Trick Trucks , powerful buggies and fast large trucks. With multiple season class championships up for grabs, the Henderson Fabtech Classic was considered a huge success for Best in the Desert.

Racers at the finsh line said this was one tough course and extremely fast. The unseasonably cold weather did not stop thousands of spectators from lining the course as Trick Truck Class 1400 Andy McMillin stormed to victory overall and captured the class win for 2009. Dr. MacRae Glass in his KC sponsored Ford truck, finished a perfect season by winning all 5 races this year, and nailed the Class Win in Modified Production Class 8000. In the same class, the Ford Raptor, driven by Rob MacCachren, Steve Olliges, Nascar’s Greg Biffle and Philip Ryan, the winner of the nationwide Ford contest to Win a Ride in a Raptor, finished second in class for the race, and for the year. Complete results for all classes are available on line at

The 4 lap races starting in the afternoon saw some close finishes. Andy McMillin, in his Ford powered Trick Truck, beat 2nd place finisher Jesse Jones by just over 3 minutes; while third place finisher Sam Berri was just 52 seconds behind Jones.

The top ten finishers for the afternoon race were:

Finish Time Trials

Order Position

1st 3rd Andy McMillin, Scott McMillin, Brady Thompson & Todd Tenbroek (class 1400, Trick Truck)

2nd 6th Jesse Jones, Tyler Lauchner, Rick Geiser (class 1400, Trick Truck)

3rd 1st Sam Berri (class 1500, unlimited buggy) (Berri also won the Team Ford Pole Award in Time Trials!)

4th 9th Will Staats, Emily Stats, Paul Hughes (class 1400, Trick Truck)

5th — Kory Halopoff, Harley Letner, Sergio Sanchez (class 1500, unlimited buggy)

6th 19th Tracy Rubio, Larry Trim, Kenneth De Vault, Tyler Conner (class 1400, Trick Truck)

7th 12th Steve Raskett, Jake Johnson, William Clark (class 1500, unlimited buggy)

8th 20th Mike Bilek, Grant Kimbrel, Bryan bergey (class 1500, unlimited buggy)

9th 5th Lloyd Sproule, Mike Dondel, Vanessa Sproule (class 1400, Trick Truck)

10th 15th Brendan Gaughan, Billy Goerke, Eric Dickinson, Blair Patterson (class 1500, unlimited buggy)

The top finishers for the 4 lap morning race were:

Finish Time Trials

Order Position

1st 2nd Lee Banning Jr., Lee Banning Sr., Clayton Butte

2nd 4th Sigal Greenberg Tony McLaren, Danny Rinear

3rd 3rd Tom Shaw, Gary Williams, Jeff Rhodes, Luke Sawyer

4th 1st Jake Jones, Josh Jones, Scott Goebel, Mike Wilson

5th Kevin Smith, Brian Smith

The top finishers for the 3 lap morning race were:

1st Louis Chamberland, Craig Malloy, Matthew Dowland

2nd Vance Smith, Mike Childress, Dan Nordwog

3rd Gary Messer, Toy Messer

4th Glen Rolfe, Bob Mamer, Austin Peek

5th Ray Griffith, Todd Griffith, Mike Hill

The top finishers for the 2 lap morning race were:

1st Scott Foster, Chris Osiecki

2nd David Caspino, Robert Mason, Neal Mason, Jeff Mower

3rd Mike Cook, Bill Fain, Joe Conchola, Tom Vaughn

4th Joseph Leeper, Gregg Hempel

5th Jason Voss, James East, Jason Voss Jr., Robert Mills

Tracking International had some great media coverage of this Henderson race, along with live tracking available on-line.

2009 has been an incredible year for Best In The Desert and we look forward to an even more eciting 2010. The first 2009 race for the car and truck classes is the BLUEWATER RESORT & CASINO PARKER “425”, February 5-7, in Parker, Arizona. Don’t miss this great event as “The Legend Lives On!”.

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