MDC 2020 | Newsletter 1| July 2019


Dear rally-fans,

It’s been a while since you have heard of us, but that does not mean that nothing has happened in the meantime. Soon after the finish of the epic Morocco Desert Challenge 2019 we started working on the 12th edition: even better, and as always with lots of new thing. In this first newsletter in the run-up to the Morocco Desert Challenge 2020, that will take place from 16 to 25 April, we’ll tell you all about it.

1. Registrations MDC2020 open on 1st August

The most important reason for this newsletter is the fact that on 1st August (and today for our loyal customers) we officially open the registrations for the MDC2020. A large number of enthusiastic participants has already confirmed their participation, especially in the SSV, motorbike and car category. Also the trucks will do so in the coming days. 15 of them already said “yes”!

I also maintain my promise not to rise the pressure on traffic on the race track and starting times. This means we’ll limit the number of entries. So don’t wait too long. Last year we had to disappoint some people because we closed the registrations already after 8 weeks. There’s a chance that we’ll have to do it even earlier this year. First come, first serve is the rule. It’s also good to know that those who register before the end of August, can benefit from the lowest tariffs.

To sign up for the Morocco Desert Challenge 2020, just go to For those who’ve participated during the last couple of years, the process shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes if you log in with the same e-mail address.

The official route of the MDC2020

Concerning the race we’ll continue our success strategy of the past years: the MDC2020 will again have 8 challenging stages from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, all together nearly 3000 km and 0 km liaison. A consequence is that the MDC remains the cheapest professionally organised rally per kilometre :-).

For the second year in a row, we’ll enter the southern Moroccan Sahara (ex-Western Sahara), but only one day instead of two. The 2nd day will be replaced by an extra day in the dunes: already after 3 stages, we’ll switch to a lower gear and enter Morocco’s favourite playground: the dunes of Chegaga. This means that minimum 50% of all stages of the MDC2020 will contain dune sections. Here’s the official map of the twenty-twenty edition. A detailed stage description will follow later.

NEW in the MDC2020: The Marathon stage

Yes, we’ll do one! A real marathon stage of 800 km in 2 days. Needless to say we’ll do it the MDC way: Pilots, assistance and organisation will share the same bivouac so no hassle with transporting tents, sleeping bags and other personal gear. As soon as you arrive in the bivouac your vehicle goes to the secured “parc fermé”. Those who have so much damage that they cannot continue the next morning, can choose go to the service parc, but they’ll get a time penalty. Fair is fair!

NEW in the MDC2020: Two loops

And this without changing the fact that it’s a linear rally. The first loop is one on the mythical “Plage Blanche”. Bivouac 1 will be built, just like in 2018, on the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean, with a stunning view on this virgin beach. This way everybody -pilots, assistance and visitors- can share the magic of this place and witness the start & finish of stage 1 and the start of stage 2. Needless to say the notorious “MDC Beach Bar” will be there too.
2nd loop: Several team managers asked me: “please allow our mechanics a day’s rest”. Of course I understand their question perfectly: I have a big team myself, a crew of 200 people who every day, after having driven hundreds of kilometres, have to start their demanding jobs. Your mechanics sometimes even continue until the early hours. Therefore stage 4 and 5 will both end in the same bivouac close to M’Hamid, a region known for … sand and dunes.

NEW in the MDC2020: Partially separated tracks for the race trucks

Also with this we’ll meet the requests of several bikers, SSV drivers and some of the truck teams because safety is our absolute top priority. Making a completely separate road book for trucks is not possible, but a partially separated one is feasible. The race trucks of the MDC2020 will, at least in 4 stages, get adapted road books. This way, on the most risky parts of the stage, they will be separated from the other participating vehicles resulting in a limitation of the dangers.

UNCHANGED in the MDC2020: Quality before quantity

Good road books, great food, a super atmosphere, a good balai and medical service, a good sandwich by my mother at km200. None of this will change and an intense, unique and unforgettable rally experience is what we want to offer to everybody. We –as always- choose for quality, not for quantity. More fun, more surprises and higher standards. We’ll make sure the MDC will be the N°1 rally-raid in the world in every possible way (maybe except for the number of participants).

Hopefully we’ll meet (again) in April 2020

Warm regards
Gert Duson
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