MDC 2020 | Newsletter 4 | November 2019: Preprologue / France / VIP trip / etc.



On November 23rd it’s again time for action. In the south of the Netherlands the annual “Preproloog” (formerly known as the “Dakar-Preproloog”) is taking place. It’s the biggest rally event of Holland & Belgium and for the second time in a row, the MDC will be present. And how? Well, massively is the right word, because with more Dutch and Belgian participants than any other rally in the world, our presence will not go unnoticed. Almost 20 of our 30 registered race trucks, half of our race cars and a number of motorcycle and SSV teams will be presented that day in the large paddock and on the racing track. The event offers you a unique glimpse into the kitchen of both large and small teams. The interaction between participants and the 15,000 expected visitors creates a special atmosphere and unforgettable moments. Spectacle guaranteed for young and old.

This year the Preproloog takes place at a new location: Landgoed Duynenwater in Eersel. If you want to get a ticket, please surf to


They are known internationally for their chauvinism, and traditionally they are the most loyal clientele of the French rally organizers. And yet something seems to be shifting in the French rally-raid scene. After an exponential growth over the past four years, the MDC sees its number of French participants doubling again. With nearly 300 French in the bivouac (pilots and assistance), our southern neighbours can soon, after the Dutch (350), call themselves the best represented nationality in the MDC. In the motorbike as well as in the car category, it is the French who represent the largest number of participants. The honour of being the largest French team will undoubtedly go to MD Rallye Sport, which will be at the start with nearly 10 cars (mainly Optimus Buggies).

Here’s the evolution of French participants in the Morocco Desert Challenge:

  • 48 people in 2017
  • 95 in 2018
  • 155 in 2019
  • 280 in 2020

SECOND RECONNAISSANCE IS COMING UPThroughout the month of September, race director Jean-Claude Kaket and his team (including Charly Gotlib) left no stone of the Moroccan desert unturned. Their goal was to find 8 new, challenging stages for the MDC2020, including a marathon stage and four separate dune tracks for the race trucks, in order to separate them from the cars, SSV’s & motorbikes for safety reasons. To find almost 3000 kilometers of race track, more than 9000 kilometres were added on the counter of his faithful Landcruiser HDJ80. But the mission was successful. The draft version of the roadbooks is currently being digitalized and within two weeks Mr. Kaket is leaving again for Morocco for a first check, this time assisted by his best friend and top navigator Jean-Marie Lurquin (ex-copilot of Schlesser, De Villiers, etc.). I myself unfortunately have to wait until the validation round in February before I can discover his new creations.


The 1000 places for pilots and assistance for the MDC2020 were filled in August, barely 1 week after the opening of the registrations. A number of participants may have already registered their racing vehicle, but have not yet decided how they will organize their assistance & transport to Morocco. Those who need help with this, should contact our partners, which you can find on our website under the chapter service teams  or send an email to [email protected]com for additional advice. In every country we have a suitable partner, such as Boucou Assistance in France, who you can contact not only for transport, but also for service, for renting a race truck, or even for buying a seat in a race or balai truck to experience the rally in a different way.


Also in 2020 we will offer various full 5-day visitor and sponsor trips. On these exclusive trips, your guests, friends or family members will not only experience the rally & the bivouac, but they will also Morocco at its best. They don’t just follow the rally for a few days, they are really part of it.

The technical checks in Agadir, the prologue on Plage Blanche, the desert stages in the south, the bivouacs in M’hamid and Merzouga, the Rekkam plateau, the award ceremony and the final party in Saïdia: guaranteed to be unforgettable moments. Precisely for that reason we offer not one but two or three visitor journeys for 2020. Each with its own characteristics and perspectives, but all unforgettable.

Agadir (outbound flight, hotel & scrutineering) / Plage Blanche (prologue & bivouac 1) / Zag (stage & bivouac 2) / Agadir (return flight).

Ouarzazate (outbound flight & transfer to bivouac) / M’hamid (stage & bivouac 4-5) / Merzouga (stage & bivouac 6) / Errachidia (return flight)

Errachidia (outbound flight & transfer) / Merzouga (bivouac 6) / Borj Bel Frissate (stage & bivouac 7) / Saïdia (finish, award ceremony, closing party & 5 * hotel) / Nador or Oujda (return flight).

We organize the VIP trips with the help of GPT, a travel agency specialised in rallies. If you want more information or would like to receive the brochure, send an email to [email protected] or call + 31 / (0)

It was launched a year ago, after the 10th edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge, but it’s definitely worth watching again on a cold and rainy autumn evening. Here’s “We Are Rally“, the epic documentary that shows what we stand for!

This is our race, this is our rally, this is … the Morocco Desert Challenge

So, that’s it for now! Hope to see you in April 2020 in beautiful Morocco. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.
With sportive greetingsGert Duson
Organiser Morocco Desert ChallengeGSM: +32/475/50.36.50
[email protected]com