Meet the new Maxxis Racing Team – Rob “Fig” Naughton

1. How did you get started racing off-road?

Started at age 11 racing motocross, I raced professionally from 1985 to 1989 in AMA Supercross and Outdoor Nationals, nearly winning the 1987 AMA 125cc West Supercross Championship.  I then moved to Downhill Mountain bike racing after college where I won the Downhill Mountain bike event in the inaugural ESPN X grames in 1995.  This is when I started my relationship with Maxxis tires racing on Maxxis mountain bike tires starting in 1996.  I then started racing motorcycles again racing the AMA 4 stroke national series and the WORCS series again on Maxxis tires.

In 2005 I watched a short course race at Chula Vista and right then and there knew I had to be involved.  In 2006, I bought a Pro-Lite and began my short course career.  In 4 seasons in Pro-Lite I won 20 races and then the 2007 Pro-Lite Championship and was voted Driver of the year.   I moved to Pro-2 for Stronghold Motorsports in 2010 and after a year of figuring the Pro-2 class out, in 2011 I have won 3 races this year and have one 2nd.

2. You’ve won a championship in Pro-Lite, and this year you’ve won a few races, I take it you’ve made the adjustment to Pro-2.  What’s different your second season in Pro-2?

The difference is we have a year under our belts and we have a great team and crew.  We had a great crew last year and this year it even got stronger with the addition of Dave Clark and his crew.  In addition to that, Stronghold Motorsports team owner Scott Bailey, his wife Beverly and business partner Chuck have given us the best equipment money can buy.  When you have the best team and equipment you have the confidence to win.  Once I got my first Pro-2 win at Firebird in Round 2, it gave me the confidence to know I can win and then followed it up with back to back wins in Utah.  Confidence is everything.

3. As a member of the Stronghold SuperTeam, how different is it being a part of the team instead of racing on your own?

It takes the stress off of having to be in charge of everything and being able to focus on being the best driver I can.

4. What’s your favorite track?  Why?

I really dont have a favorite but I do have a least favorite and that is Glen Helen.  Glen Helen is just too small and makes for a lot of carnage.  We really need a bigger and better track to race in So Cal.  The rest of the tracks race well and are fun to drive and make for great racing.

5. You’ve been with Maxxis Tires for several years now, how have they helped your racing?

Thats right, I have been with Maxxis for 15 years.  I have raced on thier mountain bike tires, their motorcycle tires and now their off-road truck tires.   To have that type of commitment from them over my career has been awesome.  They have given me great support and everything I need to win tire wise regardless of the discipline.  I really appreciate their commitment to me over the years.

6. So what’s better; being on the podium or seeing your daughter win a race in Trophy Karts?

Racing is my job so definitely It’s important that I am on the podium and win races and represent my team and sponsors well.  That said, watching my daughter Bella win the Jr. 2 Challenge Cup Race at Firebird was awesome and something I will always remember.  Seeing her stand on top of her truck in front of the crowd like she has watched me do over the years was very special. We do the kart racing for fun and as a family, my wife Amber usually is Bella’s spotter so her racing is just a bonus to the entire family and program for us.

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    Chad H.
  • September 30, 2011
All of us gear heads in AZ are proud you Fig!
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    Rich Roberts
  • September 30, 2011
Rob's the man!!!!

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