Meet Whitney Inner a New Racer in the World of Off-Road Racing –

Meet Whitney Inner a New Racer in the World of Off-Road Racing

Whitney Inner

This story was a April Fools prank.

There is a racer out there that does truly great things for people in need. Check out the real Robert Acer

Orange California, Starting with the BITD Silverstate 300, desert racing will have a new Trick Truck team to compete against. Meet Whitney Inner a new racer in the world of off-road racing. Whitney is no stranger to racing and has competed in various forms of motorsports throughout her life.

As a teenager she conquered 2 CIK-FIA National Karting World Championships and then advanced to DTM racing. After a few years off to focus her efforts on expanding her businesses, Whitney is now coming off her hiatus to try something new.

“I love the challenge that desert racing offers” Whitney shared with RDC “the race courses are vastly unique in nature and less predictable than any road course…. I will have a steep learning curve ahead of me but I am sure driving a Trick Truck is more or less similar to riding a bicycle and that I know how to do.”

The 2015 season will be spent driving as many events as possible to get a good feel for things while the 2016 season is reserved to not only being a Racer but to shine as a definite Winner.

Not only will Whitney dedicate a large share of her available time to racing and winning but in her spare time she is devoted to giving back to those in need. “Every time I spend time in Canada it is heart breaking for me to see all the elderly population in retirement communities. This is where I know I can make a difference with awareness programs and by not only raising money but to put my money in places of need.” Whitney Inner told us with a smile behind her helmet “The elderly just love the interaction I bring to them and look at me as some type of hero anytime I give demo rides in my Trick Truck. I can’t wait to WIN and then pay it forward to those less fortunate”


  1. Strange, a google search of that name brings up nothing. There should at least be some sort of mention since Karting is such a huge sport.

  2. Is this Acers girlfriend if not she’s a little late for the party nice Whitney inner “winner”

  3. “Just like riding a bike”. Hmm. Ya ya that’s it, just like riding a bike. You’re gonna do great.

  4. Robert Acer #72 R. Acer (racer). Whitney Inner #27 W. Inner (winner). I’m guessing wife, daughter of Acer. Same style logo on truck

  5. wut a joke… another back marker…. Acer an Inner wut a joke makin a mockery of off road racing, wearing a helmet all the time.. real cool… but it looks even better when finishing dead last all the time. Don’t have to worry about people saying “hey ur that loser that never wins an never takes ur helmet off either!

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