Message from the Cal4Wheel President

A message to our members

Dear Cal4Wheel Members and Friends,

I want to start off by saying I hope everyone is staying informed with the current situation with the State of California and the COVID-19 virus. The governor stated yesterday that there is now an order for all to stay indoors to help minimize the spread of this current virus. I highly suggest that all warnings be followed to the best of your ability. For those who have a job that can be worked from home, it would be recommended to do so. For those of us that work in a field that requires us to go out in to the public, I encourage you to keep a safe distance from others and follow the safe hygiene rules as much as possible. This is a time that none of us have ever had to deal with and it will require all of us to do our part to minimize the impact to society and the spread of this virus.

Everyone at Cal4Wheel has been discussing the current situation and working on trying to make sure the events that are planned will still be a go when the time comes and everyone who signs up will attend. We are watching the situation as it unfolds and planning out as far as possible. We want to make sure that anyone who attends the events will be safe and any exposures will be limited. A lot will determine what level the state government will allow. As of now there are mandatory closures of state parks, restaurants, places of social gatherings and regulations on who can go to work and how many people can be at a gathering. The word is that the essential businesses are still going to be open and operational, but changes in work practices have been instituted. We have already decided to push out the South District meeting from March 28 to May 2, as Josh Epstein put out in a blast, to allow some time to see if the restrictions will be lifted. Just in case they are not, we are working on other forms of communication to keep the delegates and members of the association informed.

The board members are already discussing our options in the event government regulations must run longer than the first part of May, and the effect it could possibly have on the Molina Ghost Run and the Hi Desert Round-Up. These are annual events that we are still planning on to be a go. We will be using our social media, web page and email blasts to keep people informed of the situations as we know them. At this time there have been multiple events that have been closed or postponed. I personally know the impact this has on our members and the general public. This not only effects each of us personally, but it effects our clubs and sponsors.

These are uncharted waters and it has forced us to change the way we do business as an association. I personally want to look out for the safety of all our families, friends, members and sponsors. I have an open mind and I always encourage the input of others. I am new to this position and yet I have been a life member of Cal4Wheel for almost ten years. I want to see everyone make it through this COVID-19 pandemic and come out on the other side of this ever-changing occurrence. My hopes are to meet as many of you on the trail as soon as possible.Please be safe out there and my hopes and prayers are with everyone during these times. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will see you soon and keep the shiny side up!

Jack Chapman
California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc.

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