Metro Motorsports Battles Through The Mint 400

The Metro Motorsports team made their way to Las Vegas Nevada for the legendary Best In The Desert General Tire Mint 400 where they would take on 335 other competitors in a quest to conquer the infamous Mint 400.  Known for being the toughest off-road race in North America, The Mint 400 is a compilation of; dry lakebeds, rock gardens, and some of the nastiest terrain that off road racing has ever seen.  It is without a doubt that The Mint 400 holds one of the most prestigious titles in all of off road racing, if there is ever a race to win, it’s the Mint 400.

Metro Motorsports Team
Metro Motorsports Team


Before the sun was even up, Metro Motorsports lined up to take the green flag and prepared for what could be the hardest race the them has ever ran to date.  Metro Motorsports Team owner Jeff Proctor elected to have co-driver Kevin Davis and navigator Justin Grossmann take the wheel first.  Davis and Grossmann would handle the first lap while Jeff Proctor and navigator Jason Rivera would take on lap two and three.  The Metro Motorsports team showed up to the Mint 400 with a freshly prepped truck and a confident crew in order to back up Proctor and Davis for a solid result.


After the green flag dropped, Davis and Grossmann started making quick work of the front of the field keeping their sights set on handing Jeff Proctor and navigator Jason Rivera a complete truck with clean air.  Unfortunately for Davis, the 6025 Metro Motorsports TrophyLite would smack directly into an obscenely large boulder preventing the wheel from rotating.  Although the wheel was smashed and time was lost while attempting to remove the wounded wheel, the General Tire Grabbers remained in tact allowing the Metro Motorsports TrophyLite to pull far enough off course to make repairs to the #6025.  After a splash of fuel at the remote Pit B, Davis and Grossmann brought the Metro Motorsports TrophyLite into Main Pit for a quick once-over and a full driver/navigator change.







With Proctor at the wheel and Rivera in the right seat the Metro Motorsports TrophyLite was back in action and on its way to Lap two.  Shortly into lap two an unforeseen brakes problem occurred (that was most likely the result of the lap one wheel incident) leaving the brake pedal on the floor of the #6025 and Proctor without brakes.  Not wanting to push the truck too hard, Jeff Proctor piloted the Metro Motorsports TrophyLite though lap two with great caution knowing that there is still 100miles of the toughest racecourse in the United States ahead of him.


Casualties were starting to pile up and the competition was getting stiff on the final one hundred mile stretch to the finish.  Just after the start of lap three the 6025 Metro Motorsports TrophyLite didn’t feel like it’s old self.  Despite no longer having any brakes, the 6025 was beat and needed a quick once-over to make sure everything was still bolted up.  Navigator Jason Rivera exited the 6025 and after a quick once-over seeking out any damaged components the duo was back on the road sitting in the third place position.




Just 14 miles into lap three; tragedy struck the 6025 Metro Motorsports TrophyLite.  Proctor and Rivera would find themselves on their lid with the wheels in the air.  Although no one was hurt, Proctor and Rivera had to sit on the sidelines watching 2 competitors pass them as they waited for a Best In The Desert official to right the 6025 TrophyLite.


Metro Motorsports has a never say die attitude and will everything within their power to make it to the finish.  Staying true to form, after the 6025 was back on its wheels Proctor and Rivera kept their eye on the prize.  Crossing the finishing line in the 5th place position down on power and clawing its way through the last few miles; Proctor, Rivera, and the #6025 TrophyLite were all very tired and a bit beaten down.  With a finishing percentage of nearly 40%, the taste of victory simply comes from the sight of the finish line.  Metro Motorsports survived The Mint 400 and remains 4th in point for the TrophyLite Championship with a lot of racing still to be had.


“This race was brutal, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  The crew of guys that come out here to help make this program a success is truly what pushes me as a driver and a team owner to accept nothing less than a finish.  It’s the least I can do to repay them.  We are very blessed to be able to get to do what we do and we aren’t here at the finish line because we look good, it’s because each and every person on this team put their heart and soul into making this program a success”, Jeff Proctor commented.




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