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When American upstart Justin Park won an obscure but notable class championship in the San Quintin Valley’s ACOSAQ series last year, he also won the respect and admiration of his fellow competitors and fans alike. It was a worthy feat but not enough of a reason for many US sponsors to bankroll his next goal of tackling the more prominent RECORD Off Road Series. Park was left with little leverage in the US as his accomplishment may not have been viewed as highly marketable in the states.

VIDEO BY: Jacob Gonzalez at The Gonzo Foto

So he turned to where he had invested himself entirely, to the people and teams of Mexico. It was a long shot at best, but he found the right team and especially, the exact perfect person to merge his program with.

In a unique showing of international unity, two off road teams have united to form one family of racing across two classes of the sport. When Martin Aguirre (aka Bitache Racing and Olivarera BAJAMAR) was approached by Justin Parks of OSIRIS/CAMBURG, it was an unlikely marriage: Yet, something about Bitache’s open mindedness led this Mexican national to warmly embrace this unorthodox idea of bringing a team of gringos onto his “all Mexican” crew and into his family with open arms, and a substantial amount of financial support to boot.

Bitche's Class 8 Will Run in the TT Class in the Next Baja 500- JP DESERT SHOTS

It was a Hail Mary on Parks’ part but nothing else was working for him in the US. Even after winning a 7 stock championship in the younger ACOSAQ series in BAJA last year, the self-made American found no one in his home country to finance his 2012 pursuit.

Park's Hard Work is Starting to Pay Off- JP DESERT SHOTS

“We weren’t sure how Bitache would respond to our proposal”, explains Parks, “In fact, I was really surprised they let us jump right into bed with them. We had tacos with Martin near McNeil’s shop in TJ. The next day he wired funds to us for a new motor and suspension. It’s obvious we asked the right guy to let us partner with his team and we love that he has the foresight to invest in a future that blends the US with Mexico.”

Martin Aguirre with his Class 8 on BFG's

Normally, it seems, the international rivalries are strong and there is an “us versus them” mentality in when Americans do battle in Mexicans in their own country. Off road is, after all, the national pastime in BAJA CA.


“When Justin asked me help his race his class 7 stock with Bitache Racing, he’s a great driver and I wanted to make a team that could do great things, Bitache explains, “It’s a pretty radical idea, a Mexican funding an American. I’m doing it now since I can see that Justin is a fast guy and he makes friends where ever he goes.”

Justin Finishes His First RECORD Race for Bitache Race Team


This is a story of international unity combined with forward thinking businessman who wanted to get out of the tradition mold. Along with combining resources, assets and sponsors, Bitache brings his family’s Olivarera Baja Mar product to America.  Baja Olive, as it is branded in the states.

“My wife and I started cooking with Baja Olive and it is the best we’ve ever tasted, Park explains, “Bitache’s family took their oil to Europe and entered it in contests in Spain and Italy, winning trophies in both countries. We believe in this product and will be promoting the heck out of here in the states.”

Bitache (class 8) and Park (class 7 stock) will be running the entire RECORD series and Bitache will enter his truck in the Trophy Truck class in the upcoming SCORE BAJA 500. Look for more from Bitache Racing Team as these guys keep pressing forward in their new partnership.


Versión en Español:

Cuando El Americano Justin Park Gano en el campeonato de ACOSAQ en clase 7 el año pasado, también gano el respeto de los otros competidores y admiradores. Fue una hazaña digna, pero no lo suficiente para muchos patrocinadores EE.UU para financiar su próxima meta, correr en el serie de RECORD Off Road. Así que se dirigió a donde se había invertido por completo, con las personas y los equipos de México. Fue una apuesta arriesgada . Pero se encontró con el equipo adecuado y, sobre todo, la persona perfecta para combinar con su programa.

En una demostración única de la unidad internacional, dos equipos de Off Road se han unido para formar una sola familia através de dos clases en el deporte. Cuando Martín Aguirre ( Bitache Racing y BAJAMAR Olivarera) fue abordado por Justin Park de (Osiris / Camburg), fue matrimonio muy raro. Pero sin embargo, con su mente abierta Bitache se llevo con gusto esta idea ortodoxa de traer un equipo de gringos y con los brazos abiertos unirlos con el equipo de “puro Mexicanos”, y darles una cantidad sustancial de apoyo financiero para que podrian arrancar.

Normalmente, las rivalidades internacionales son fuertes y hay un mentalidad “nosotros contra ellos” en la que los estadounidenses luchan contra los mexicanos en su propio país. Pero Off road es un pasatiempos national en Baja Calfornia. Gracias a Bitache por su apoyo esperan algo bien para el equipo de Bitache Racing!

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  • April 6, 2012
cool beans! i ran with baja fab for awhile and we won class 8 championship in 09. wish we where still doing the thing. bring u guys some good competition
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  • April 6, 2012
great story and hope the best of luck for the team and i am excited to have another mexican team on the TT class in score