Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Press Release

Mohave Valley, Az- January 1, 2013:  Another important piece to the restoration of Challenger IV is now in place as Racers Only Motorsports is proud to welcome MasterCraft Safety on board.   MasterCraft will be in charge of all the safety features on Challenger IV, including the seat, seat belt, window nets, race suit and the “Scatter shield” located around the transmission.  Rory Ward, CEO and Owner of Racers Only states,“It’s only fitting that MasterCraft is helping get Challenger IV back to original condition since Mickey Thompson used Mastercraft seats in almost all of his desert race cars.  The original is still in the car and in OUTSTANDING condition some 30+ years later.”
Mickey Thompson race photo courtesy of Trackside Photo
Mickey Thompson race photo courtesy of Trackside Photo
MasterCraft has a long history, starting back in 1970 with Jack Miller.  Robbie Pierce has been part of it since 1985 when his aerospace company was in charge of manufacturing and welding the seat frames for Miller.  Jacks Daughter, Peri Combe, had been running MasterCraft basically single-handedly since the death of her Husband Buzz, and with two small children to rear, was finding it difficult.  Pierce, already familiar with the company and its products, was happy to become the new owner in 1999.  Since that time, MasterCraft Safety has exploded onto the business world of the racing scene and most recently Robbie has added IMPACT to the MasterCraft Safety family.
“I know Jack Miller was truly honored to be a part of the original Challenger build and I am even more honored to be able to carry the legacy of this vehicle forward.  Rory will certainly do right by this project and I cannot think of anyone better or more passionate to restore the buggy to its original glory.”  Robbie Pierce, CEO of MasterCraft Safety & IMPACT. 
 With some minor work left on the rear end of Challenger IV, it is almost ready for work to begin on the interior as the vintage racer is starting to take shape.  Please feel free to follow the build on Race-Dezert.com and FaceBook.
 For more information on MasterCraft Safety, please visit their website at www.mastercraftsafety.com.