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Midwest Sportsman Off Road Racers Unite!

Appleton, WI (October 30, 2009) – After a race season that saw racer participation drop significantly over the previous season, a group of Midwest drivers have come together to form an association to bring the sidelined competitors back to the track. The group known as, Midwest Off Road Racing (MORR), has one mission:

“To provide affordable racing for the Midwest sportsman off road racer, while creating a series of weekend events that allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy their favorite summer time sport seven to eight times per season. Our mission is to bring this to reality beginning in 2010, and that this unique form of motorsport is alive and well for years to come.”

The concept of this group began after a stand alone short course event was held in Weyauwega, Wisconsin. Thanks to the support of racers, team members, and fans at this event, the racing program was successful. Nearly 100 racers and their crews came out to support an independent Sportsman only event.

“After Weyauwega, a group of us knew what needed to happen to get more of our racers back to the track,” noted veteran off-road racer Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. “Obviously, our nation’s economy caused some of the reduced turnout, but there were other factors as well. Our goal is to make it more affordable for the racers, while increasing the number of races offered to the Sportsman. This will not happen overnight, but if steps are continually taken at a reasonable pace, our goals will be achieved. Some of the initial communication between the parties has already started.”

MORR is designed to give the sportsman off-road racer one large voice to express their concerns with the current and future promoters, sanctioning bodies, and track owners of this sport. The concept will strengthen current relationships within the industry and allow our members to compete in a true championship season.

Please visit our website, www.midwest-offroadracing.com for more information. Please show your support by adding your name to the petition. When new information, including membership is available, it will be posted on the website and emailed to those that have contacted MORR.

Look for an announcement regarding a general meeting, open to the public, sometime after the first of the year.
You can also communicate with the group via email: [email protected]