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California City, CA – Friday, March 15, 2013 – It took almost a week to find out that Class 10 SCORE Champion Mikey Lawrence picked up the class win at the recent San Felipe 250. While leading most of the day and setting a fast pace that most in class had trouble keeping up, late in the race Lawrence hit a deep wash and scooped copious amounts of pebbles and rocks into the driver’s compartment. That was enough to create a throttle problem that plagued the team for a number of miles and slowed down their effort. It took time and a thorough clean-up of the driver’s compartment to free the throttle area and be able to resume race speeds. However, at the finish, the unofficial results showed the team of Mikey Lawrence and Blake Fitzpatrick (Team Lawrence Equipment – Banning, CA) finishing second in Class 10.

On the other hand, early on it was learned that there may be some checks missing in other driver’s results and the official results would be held up for review.

Today, word from SCORE came down that Mikey Lawrence had been moved up one spot to first place in class and it was also noted by a SCORE official that he was one of the few in class who received no penalties. In other words, “He had a clean run.”

As a result, Mikey Lawrence picks up the points lead in Class and is well on his way to defending his 2012 Class 10 SCORE Points Championship.

According to Mikey Lawrence, “We are planning to go after the world championships this year by competing in both the SCORE and HDRA combined series. We knew we ran hard but we were surprised that we wound up second unofficially.”

Mikey Lawrence celebrates the start of his sixth full year of competition in Class 10 that started with winning the class championship as a “rookie,” then following it up with another Class 10 Championship in his sophomore year. In his third year of competition he fell short by just a few points of a “Three-Peat.” He took off one year of racing and came back in 2012 strong picking up his third Class 10 Championship.

Lawrence would like to thank Team Lawrence Equipment, his Grandpa, Dad, family and Team Lawrence crew lead by Team Manager, Joel Liska for their dedication and belief that they can do it. “They never quit,” says Mikey.


For more details, contact Team Lawrence Equipment.

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