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The Mint 400 Welcomes Space Jam Juice into Off-Road Racing

Fine e-liquid company to sponsor The Great American Off-Road Race.

The Mint 400 today announced its latest partnership with e-liquid company, Space Jam Juice.  Located in Orange County, California, Space Jam Juice produces the highest quality vaping e-liquid in the industry and will be displaying their full line of products at Tech & Contingency on Friday, March 1st from 8:00am-5:00pm on Fremont St. East and all day long at the official Primm Valley Mint 400 Start/Finish Line in Primm, NV on Saturday, March 4th.

“When Space Jam approached us wanting to get their product into off-road racing, I knew The Mint 400 would be a great opportunity for them.  There’s a vibrant vape crowd in off-road, especially in Las Vegas.  We welcome all companies to come be a part of The Great American Off-Road Race and hope the vaping community comes to check out their products and see what off-road racing is all about,” said Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli.  

Space Jam E-Liquid was started in 2012 to provide a superior e-liquid and a better overall vaping experience at a time when the vaping industry on was in its early stages.

“Space Jam is beyond excited to be a part of The Mint 400 this year and sharing our lifestyle brand with the off-road community. Off-road enthusiasts ourselves, make this a perfect opportunity to connect vaping and hundreds of thousands of off-roaders with our brand. At Space Jam it is our goal to introduce vaping to smokers.”

A vape device is any combination of an atomizer and a battery device that allows the user to fill a tank or drip onto a wick e-liquid from a dispensing bottle. It is powered on and off by the user via a button on the device. The tank is filled with e-liquid heated by the atomizer inside the tank. When the user activates the device, it produces a great tasting vapor!

Space Jam prides themselves on the complexity and subtleties of their flavors: 

ANDROMEDA: The original flavor made by our Mix Master. A unique blend of fresh wild blueberries filled with an exotic pomegranate.

ASTRO: Tantalizing granny smith apple on the inhale with strawberries on the exhale.

ECLIPSE: Our sweet Cavendish tobacco with a sensational vanilla bean mix.

METEOR MILK: A strawberry milkshake that’s a perfect blend of strawberry ice cream and syrup that will take you to new meteoric heights.

PARSEC: A refreshing smoothie, perfectly blended with ripe mangoes, tangy oranges and a hint of cream, that will take you on an exhilarating getaway to an undiscovered tropical planet.

PARTICLE X: Get your sticky fingers on a wild carnival thrill of Blue Raspberry Spun Sugar Flavor.

PLUTO: A very delicate mix of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe with a finish of bubble gum and the slightest hint of mint.

PULSAR: With its riveting fusion of wild cherry and ripe freshly pressed limes, Pulsar makes for a perfectly balanced Summer afternoon. Shades on, feet up and you’re off to another planet.

YAMATO: Coming in Hot! A sweet and bountiful blueberry muffin flavor that will give your grandmothers baking a run for her money!

Come and visit Space Jam’s booth on Friday, March 1st at Tech & Contingency from 8:00am-5:00pm on Fremont St. East and all day long at the official Primm Valley Mint 400 Start/Finish Line in Primm, NV on Saturday, March 4th.

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About The Mint 400

Known as “The Great American Off-Road Race™,” The Mint 400 is the oldest, most prestigious, and most challenging off-road race on the planet. This annual four-hundred mile marathon between the top off-road racers in the world includes over three hundred and fifty race teams in twenty-four different classes of off-road vehicles. Established in 1967, The Mint 400 is steeped in American lore. Thousands of racers and celebrities from around the world have attempted to tame the brutal Nevada desert, but less than half of them have ever finished the Mint. An entire week of events lead up to the famed off-road contest in and around Las Vegas, including a vehicle parade down the Las Vegas Strip, a drivers meet and greet, a pit crew challenge contest, the Miss Mint 400 beauty pageant, massive parties, a qualifying race, and a huge ten-block “contingency” gathering on Fremont Street East. Over forty-thousand spectators gather to watch the worlds best off-road race teams do battle at The Mint 400! 

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