Miracles Per Mile / Class 11 Effort to Help Children

Miracles Per Mile / Class 11 Effort to Help Children

Class 11 stock Volkswagen is known to be one of the toughest racing classes in off-road racing – just finishing races such as the Baja 500 and 1000 are considered to be a success. Alex Gonzales of GHA Racing made this year an effort to race with the purpose of changing the lives of amazing children, children who have blessed us with memories of a lifetime for the fundraiser called Miracles Per Mile, all donations and proceeds will go to The City of Refuge.

Miracles per Mile means they are asking for donations per mile based on the number of miles that GHA Racing, #1196 car completes at the Baja 1000. Whether it’s one cent per mile or one dollar per mile. You can also make a one time donation of any amount. In off-road racing at this level every mile counts. In this case, every mile they accomplish will mean a difference in a child’s life.

Please follow along and participate with them this year at the Baja 1000 by donating to a worthy cause. As race day gets closer, links will be posted to this site and emailed so that donors can follow our progress along the Baja Peninsula.

All donations will go directly to The City of Refuge, and no donations will be used for our race expenses. Donations will be calculated at 1,221 miles. If GHA Racing #1196 does not complete the Baja 1000, donors will be contacted to receive a refund for the miles not completed.

To learn more about Miracles per Mile check out their website. Or to make a donation go here.