Monster Energy BITD Vegas to Reno Extended Photo Gallery

The Monster Energy Off-Road Team went to Las Vegas with one goal:  to get out as fast as they could!  With the team in the spot light, they knew it would take a near perfect race to battle through the field of over 300 competitors.  The Monster Energy/General Tire Camburg truck won the new 6100 Class at Vegas to Reno. Driver Jerry Welchel drove the entire 535 mile race starting 115th and finishing 30th overall, beating all the 7200 trucks by 25 minutes, and all the 8000 trucks by 20 minutes.  The Monster Energy/THR bike team of Robby Bell and David Pearson were ecstatic when they drew first position.  With an open desert free of dust, the duo never looked back and rode all the way to victory 534 miles later in Reno.

Tim Herbst and Larry Roeseler were out in front a huge part of the race, but fell back to take 5th in class.  BJ Baldwin had a tough finish to a promising start.  BJ handed the truck off to Dale Ebberts at pit 4 after becoming sick leading up to the pit.  BITD race coordinator, Casey Folks, disqualified BJ, as Ebberts was not a registered driver on the truck.  Nevada’s grueling desert slowly deteriorated Mikey Childress and his 1565 car, which finished back in the pack at 19th in class.  Desert Assassins had a solid performance and an awesome display of teamwork by the crew.  Cameron Steele in the #16 Trick Truck finished 6th in TT and 13th overall.  In her second race back, Heidi Steele finished 6th in the 7200 class.  Shannon Campbell didn’t make it past MM 117 before he had to retire his Ultra4 vehicle.  All in all it was an impressive race for the Monster Energy Off-Road Team. Congratulations to Jerry Welchell and Robby Bell for winning their classes!

Photography by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media