Monster Energy Off-Road Team LOORRS Speedworld Extended Photo Gallery

There was a lot to lose this past weekend for Monster Energy Pro 4 Unlimited driver Kyle LeDuc.  LeDuc headed into Round 5 with a perfect season thus far. LeDuc took to Round 5&6 just as he had been in the previous rounds; with full intensity.  With lap times far surpassing the competition, it was clear that LeDuc wasn’t holding anything back.  LeDuc was able to avoid getting tangled in some of the worst carnage that we have seen all season long.  LeDuc displayed his raw talent after a six lap dog fight with seasoned veteran Carl Renezeder.  Renezeder proved to be no match for LeDuc and ended up flipping his Lucas Oil Nissan in an attempt to run-down LeDuc.

“Our truck is dialed- we have the best equipment out there and it’s my job to make sure we get on top of the box.  They really made me earn it this weekend” Kyle LeDuc remarked after sweeping another two rounds of racing.  This makes it LeDuc’s sixth consecutive first place victory in 2012 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.  LeDuc is the first person in LOORRS history to win six consecutive race races.

Kyle Leduc at LOORRS Speedworld
Kyle Leduc playing follow the leader with the rest of the Pro4 class.

Monster Energy/Stronghold Pro Lite Unlimited driver; RJ Anderson came to Speedworld to make a point.  Anderson has been at the top of his game throughout the entire first four rounds of racing, and it was apparent that Anderson would continue to be a serious contender for the championship.  Making his way to the top of the podium along with Anderson was fellow Monster Energy Pro Lite driver; Casey Currie.  Currie and Anderson took on the field of 20 other Pro Lite Unlimited trucks capturing four of the six possible podium positions in Round 5&6, making it Anderson’s third and fourth trip to the top of the podium.

RJ Anderson Speedworld
RJ Anderson focusing on the battle to come.

Monster Energy/Yokohama Pro Buggy Unlimited driver Cameron “PAB” Steele had his fair share of up’s and down’s in Rounds 5&6.  Steele would lead the race in both Round 5 and Round 6, only until mechanical failure would get the best of his Alumicraft Pro Buggy and eventually take him out of the race in both consecutive rounds.  “It was a freak deal.  Our motor exploded and created a hole out the bottom side of our motor.  I don’t really know what happened, if one of our race motors grenades itself it’s typically through the top of the motor, never through the bottom like we saw today.  I am really bummed.. I came to Speedworld to win, but unfortunately we just caught some bad luck.  That’s racing I guess,” commented Steele.  The fan favorite (Cameron Steele) was just as bummed about rounds 5&6 as the people sitting in the stands.

Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg Speedworld
Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg is getting his truck dialed. He'll be on the podium next round.

Rounds 5&6 ended with a little role reversal from Monster Energy/Stronghold/Supercross.com drivers Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg.  Stenberg ended the race in Round 5 with his best finish in 2012 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series with a very respectable sixth place finish.  “Twitch” had an amazing run battling through traffic and avoiding any major accidents.

“I am really happy with where my truck is at right now, I am getting more and more confident in the truck and its only going to be a matter of time before I’m going to win one of these things,” commented “Twitch”.  He went on to say “I love winning, that’s what I do.  It pisses me off when I don’t take home a twenty dollar trophy.”

Contrary to “Twitch”, the seven time AMA Supercross champ; Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath found some bad luck of his own.  McGrath found himself inching through traffic an carnage for a podium position while lapped traffic caused some major disarray.  “Showtime” found himself in mid-air headed straight for the top of another vehicle; giving “Showtime” some unwanted “Airtime”.  McGrath’s truck would mount the top of the #17 Pro 2 Unlimited and swiftly send him cartwheeling end over end.  McGrath was able to walk away, but his truck wasn’t so lucky.

Jeremy McGrath Speedworld
Jeremy McGrath battles back after a violent crash with Carl Renezeder in round 5.

Round 6 saw completely opposite results for the Monster Energy Pro 2 Unlimited duo.  Stenberg started from the rear of the 18-truck field and was forced to create opportunities for himself whenever he could.  Unfortunately, “Twitch” would find himself victim to a mechanical failure that would soon end his day after an intense round of battle.    While Stenberg would wind up taking Round 6 on the chin, McGrath would find himself leading the Pro 2 Unlimited Main Event.  McGrath’s first place position would be short lived as the #38 truck spun him, forcing McGrath to finish in the fourth place position.

Many racers were left melting in the heat, but the Monster Energy off-road team reigned supreme.

Photography by Mad Media

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Would RJ be doing this good if he didnt have a cheater trans and wasnt soaking his tires in WD40?