Monster Energy TORC Cycle Ranch Extended Photo Gallery

Floresville, Texas set the stage for an epic finale between the Ricky Johnson vs. Johnny Greaves saga.  The two have been battling, literally, all season for position, podiums, points and pride.  It was only fair that the two went in to the final race of the season all square.  “It’ll be two of the world’s best off-roaders going at it. No points are involved … there’ll be no ‘playing it safe’ … it’s on,” said Johnny.  After a false start that set the crowd off, Johnny hit the finish line jump to pass Ricky in the air to get the race going.  Unfortunately, afterward Johnny got spun on a table top and fell behind Ricky.  Leading at the competition yellow, Ricky pretty much sealed the deal with 2 points, as Johnny left the track with a broken front end.  Congratulations to Johnny Greaves for taking the season overall 2nd in the 2011 TORC Series.

Marty Hart finished the last two races with a 4th place finish on Saturday and a 6th place finish on Sunday, ending him in 5th place finish in the 2011 TORC season.

Pro Lights had an exciting season, as Casey Currie took an overall season 3rd finish.  Casey took 4th on Saturday and a podium 2nd place finish on Sunday.  Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was CJ Greaves.  After turning 16, CJ Greaves took home a $15,000 check as he won his first Pro Light race and the Traxxas Cup!  Currie lead most of the race, by as many as 5 seconds.  But Greaves proved that he’s going to be a force to reckon with as he cut to four, then three, then two and eventually took over the lead.  “It’s amazing. Awesome feeling,” said CJ Greaves. “Our whole team ran great. Couldn’t do it without my family … just awesome to be up here.”

Photos by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media