More drama in Stage 8 of the Dakar Rally –

More drama in Stage 8 of the Dakar Rally

Chicherit-wins-Stage-8Due to the increasingly bad weather prior to today’s stage, race organizers decided to cut the today’s stage short in order for all of the cars and trucks to have a fair chance at running a clean rally.

Mother Nature wasn’t of the least bit concerned that the biggest Rally Raid race in the world was happening right in the heart of her storm. Enough rain would drop that rivers and roads would quickly become flooded and enabled drivers from going any further.

After a substantial amount of DNF’s took place due to weather, race officials made the decision to take all of the car racers elapsed time prior to Checkpoint 2 at km86 (formally km375 of the stage but got cut out prior to the start of today’s stage) and use that as their “official” finish time.

As it would shake out: Chicherit could sit on the top spot in his SMG buggy while Terranova and Gordon would round out the podium just over five minutes behind Chicherit.

Its been a wild day in the Dakar Rally to say the least, Nasser Al-Attiyah catches a huge break after a wrong turn lands him waist deep in a ditch, but with the adjusted time given by the race organizers he retains his second place over-all standing just behind 10 time Dakar winner Stephane Peterhansel. American Robby Gordon still currently sits 23rd over-all after a devastating first 4 stages in the rally.

Eric Vigouroux driving the heavily modified Pro truck is in a respectable 30th over-all while the American built buggy of Jason LaFortune (Driven by #442 Mastromatteo of Chile) currently sits in 48th over-all and still chipping away at the stages as they come.


  1. Not sure if anyone heard about the guy that bypassed the last checkpoint because he had to walk his bike to the finish line 25+kms away… only to be told that the finish line was actually the checkpoint that was much closer to him when his bike broke. That’s gotta suck.

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