MORE Freedom 250 Photos –

MORE Freedom 250 Photos

In the hundred degree weather in Barstow, CA, hundreds of people gathered this weekend at the Mojave Off-Road Entusiasts (MORE) Freedom 250 for one of the hottest races of the year.  That didn’t stop a mixture of eighty five racers from bombing the California desert.  Here are Saturday’s top finishers.  Full results can be found here.

Class 1300
1st place – Zach Johnson (Fast Lap Award)
2nd place – Travis Howard

Class 9
1st place – Armando Ventura – (Winner of MORE’S Most Dominant Driver Award – top honors at the race based on Class Dominance, $1000 cash, custom hand made trophy)
2nd place – Jeff Johnsen
3rd place – Harley Young

Class 1350
1st place John Morgan
2nd place Richard Woods

Class 2000
1st place – Kurt Youngs (Fast Lap Award)
2nd place – Ken Dixon
3rd place – Joser Herrera

Class 3000
1st place Cheri Nutter

Class 1400
1st place – Ryan Herryford
2nd place – Andrew Jacques
3rd place – Mark Slater

Class 1600
1st Place – Tim Craig – ($500 CT Sales Bonus, $500 Kartek Bonus)
2nd place – Ryan Golson
3rd place – Zach Sizelove (Fast Lap Award)

Class 5
1st place – Richard Garavito (Fast Lap Award)
2nd place – Wes Taylor

Class 12
1st place – Mark Barnes (Fast Lap Award)
2nd place – William McCool
3rd place – Ralph Potts

Class 10
1st place (2nd overall) – David Norris ($1000 Kartek Bonus)
2nd place – Cody Reid (Fast Lap of Race)
3rd place – Andy Marsoun

Class 1
1st Overall – Eric Hardin (Fast Lap Award)
2nd – Rob Archibald
3rd – Kevin Thompson


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