More Parker 425 pre-registrants than ever!

I’s great to see that even in this troubling economy, people still like to race with Best in the Desert. As of today,
there are more than 260 vehicles entered in this weekend’s historic race. As the first race of the 2009 season
for Cars and Trucks, don’t miss out on this opportunity to view this legendary event.  The Pre-Fun Run was
attended by more than 230 vehicles and 800+ enthusiastic participants for an incredible run, and an awesome
lunch thanks to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Team– an impressive turnout!
The Parker Legend started in 1972, known then as the Big River “400”, on to the Dam “400”, then Parker
“400”, and grew to become a legend in off-road desert racing. Today, Best in the Desert continues the legend in
Casey’s own unique way – by running the best race series in the desert.
The Parker Python will be back – a rough section of jumps in front of thousands of cheering spectators; and
with three laps, racers will have three tries to get faster and faster.  With the beautiful backdrop of the Colorado
River, many returning favorites, the Parker Python, the incredible Blue Water Resort & Casino, Shea Road
spectating area and the exciting long distance, off-road race challenge, the Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker
“425” is one race not to miss.
Contingency is set for Friday February 6, 2009 at the Blue Water Resort & Casino in Parker, Arizona.
Off-Road Racing’s Best-Run Series … Best In The Desert!
Further information available from:
(702) 457-5775
MMoorree  PPaarrkkeerr  ““442255””    PPrree–RReeggiissttrraannttss  TThhaann  EEvveerr!!