MORE PCI300: Five class wins for Weddle-equipped teams

Five wins for Weddle-equipped teams

Cade Garcia cleans up the Weddle CLASS 5 CLASH

Lucerne Valley, CA — The 2021 season has been a hoot. After the long pause in 2020, a full MORE racing season was a joy. With one event remaining on the MORE calendar, the PCI 300 in Lucerne Valley marks the final stretch of the season.

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5 class wins for Weddle-equipped teams. The PCI 300 was no exception to a banner season for Weddle-equipped teams. Eric Hardin took home the Unlimited Truck win piloting Albins ST6-equipped truck number 79. The Boss, Ron Weddle, along with driving partner Adam Pfankuch drove the new Weddle S5-equipped Alumicraft 10 car to its first class win. Wesley Welch earned the Class 9 win in Weddle-equipeed 982 and 1618 Zack Sizelove snagged first in Class 1/2-1600.

Cade Garcia cleans up the Weddle CLASS 5 CLASH. Cade Garcia and his Weddle S5-equipped 5004 dominated the Weddle Class 5 Clash. In the last event of the 2021 Weddle Shootout Series, Cade took home checks for Weddle Top Qualifier, Weddle Fast Lap, Weddle Mr. Consistent as well Class 5U first.

As the season winds down, we’re looking forward to the 2022 MORE season and 2022 Weddle Shootout Series. Stay tuned.

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Top Finishers at the 2021 MORE PCI 300
September 25, 2021, Lucerne Valley, CA

 Weddle CLASS 5 CLASH (Class 5U)
1.  5004  Cade Garcia — Weddle S5
2.  5013 Ray Promer — Weddle MD
3.  516 Ethan Jackson — Weddle S5

$1000 Weddle Top Qualifier —  5004  Cade Garcia
$1000 Weddle Fast Lap —  5004  Cade Garcia
$1000 Weddle Mr. Consistent  —  5004  Cade Garcia

Unlimited Truck
1.  79 Eric Hardin — Albins ST6

Class 10
1.  1089  Ron Weddle — Weddle S5

Class 9
1.  982 Wesley Welch — Weddle-equipped

Class 1/2-1600
1.  1618 Zack Sizelove — Weddle-equipped