MORE – Powder Puff Race For The Cure 2011

It’s not often when the “to do” list for prepping your race car includes installing a pink feather boa but that’s the case every year in October when the ladies take over the driving duties in the MORE, Powder-puff, Race for the Cure. Now in its sixth year, the race raised money for women’s cancer research through donations, a raffle held the evening of the race and a portion of the entry fees collected by Mojave Off-road Racing Enthusiast, (MORE). Raffle prizes were donated by sponsors, parts suppliers and the off-road community as a whole. The cars were adorned with pink ribbons and pink paint jobs. Many had tributes to loved ones saved and sadly, some lost.

The skill levels of the ladies driving vary between never driven a manual transmission until yesterday to top level pros that save their benevolence for the raffle after the race. Some teams switch drivers every lap to give everyone a chance to drive. The cars are divided into two groups, the limited cars race in the morning and the faster cars run in the afternoon. The first group has some great drivers but for the most part these are the ladies out having fun and not taking things too seriously. Of course we all know things change when the green flag drops. The afternoon group has a mix of unlimited open wheel cars, some 1600’s, 10’s, 12’s and several truck classes. You might see a car that ran in the morning but now it’s being piloted with a lot more exuberance. Regardless if they are fast or not, everyone involved was there for a great time and a great cause, to help make sure we are celebrating more survivors next year. Congratulations to all the drivers and crew, the class winners and the overall winner Shelby Reid who ran six laps at a blistering pace to be the fastest driver of the day.

Sweet!! Very good time for all the ladies!
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  • October 10, 2011
My first time driving this year and what an experience. Not just the race, but the people that put this event on and made it happen, everyone is amazing! Good job! Next year you can eat my dust ;-)
I always wanted to do this and my dad hoped that I would before he passed...