MORE/SNORE Midnight Special Roundup –

MORE/SNORE Midnight Special Roundup

Huge field helps create the perfect environment for the challenging MORE/SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special in Lucerne Valley, Calif.


By Mike Henle


LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. (Sept. 8, 2012) – With a field of 160 entries for the annual KC HiLites Midnight Special here Saturday, there was no question that the event was destined to be a blockbuster.

The area here about 30  miles south of Barstow was turned into a city with a steady stream of motorhomes and trailers  turning the desert into a rush of everything from Class 1 power plants to the strong field of Class 11 buggies.

With 73-mile laps awaiting the field, the KC HiLites Midnight Special had more variables than any form sports considering the 100-degree temperatures to open the event; the darkness that fell a couple of hours after the start; and the incredible dust that lingered through the entire event thanks to the fact that there was literally no wind.

In what was a picture-perfect field of drivers who obviously like more than a mild challenge, the KC HiLites Midnight Special had everything from temperatures of about 100 degrees to start the race along with the rest including darkness, dust, rough racing conditions and mechanical issues that are inherent with the classic sport of off-road racing.

A co-production of the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts  (SNORE) and the Mojave Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE), there was certainly no shortage of entries (160 started the race)  in a scene with motorhomes and trailers that could be seen for miles in every direction.

Off-road racers and their fans have always been known for their dedication to the sport; and this particular production was certainly evidence of the fact. Drivers, crew members and fans came from several states to be a part of the KC HiLites Midnight Special.

Among the drivers savoring the experience was talented Costa Mesa, Calif., resident Jason Coleman, a 28 year-old SNORE champion (2010) who captured the victory in the highly-competitive Class 1-2 1600 category.

Winning SNORE races is certainly nothing unusual for Coleman, whose victories have also been recorded in the SNORE 250 and Rage at the River events

“It was very rough out there,” said the personable Coleman, who makes his living as a general contractor. “Our car was fabulous and the crew was awesome.”

Coleman had never raced in Lucerne before.

“I’m in the points chase so this was important to me,” he said. “Racing at night is something that we don’t get to do very often and it’s a whole different thing. It’s always a good time.”

Most everyone agreed with Coleman’s analysis that the course was rough and one fellow driver said earlier, “It’s so rough out there are Class 1 cars stuck all over the course.

“It’s Barstow rough.”

SNORE, which has soared in popularity at each race this year, continues the saga of the rich 2012 KarTek points series Oct. 26-28 with the running of the annual SNORE 250.

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Jason Coleman, left, is pictured with co-driver Jeremy Munyon after winning Class 1600 Saturday in the Midnight Special south of Barstow.


High-flying California driver Jason Coleman won the Class 1-2 1600 competition during the annual MORE/SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept. 8 in Lucerne Valley, Calif. (Trackside photo)

A great following of drivers and fans at the annual SNORE/MORE Midnight Special Sept. 8 in Lucerne Valley, Calif., included a huge turnout of competitors during the drivers meeting prior to the race.

SNORE/MORE KC HiLites Midnight Special

Saturday, Sept. 8

Lucerne Valley, Calif.


Class 1 – 1. 3 Chris Kemp, 6:47.30, five laps; 2. 1563 Richard Boyle; 7:15.48, five laps; 3. 22 Rick Romans, 7:17.02, five laps;  4. 155 Brian Wyborny, 7:25.09, five laps; 5. 51 Steve Olliges 7:31.07, five laps;  6. 144 Jim Knox 7:36.50, five laps;   7. 179 Eric Harp, 7:45.00; five laps; 8. 158 Daniel Wingering 7:52.30; five laps; 9. 157S Tom Koch 8:03.04, five laps.

Class 10 – 1. 1068 Cody Reid, 5:52.02, four laps; 2. 1067

Roger Starkey, 5:56.49, four laps; 3. 1092 Cody Jeffers, 6:11.09, four laps; 4. 1036 Bill Zolg, 6:24.18, four laps; 5. 1019 Karl Scanlan, three laps; 6. 1096 Allan Lindsey, three laps; 7. 1077 Randy Ellis, three laps; 8. Sammy Ehrenberg, three laps; 9. 1014 Blain McDonald, three laps; 10. 1017 Jeff  Krantz , three laps; 11. 1006 Hector Garcia, three laps; 12. 1021 Kathy Kirkmeyer, three laps.

Class 11 – 1. 1138 Chris Anderson, 4:42.54, two laps; 2. 1179 Michael Brenner, one lap; 3. 1100 Robert Johnson, one lap; 4. 1127 David Gunn, one lap.

Class 12 – 1217 Ralph Potts 6:12.02, four laps; 2. 1281 Danny Savant, three laps; 3. 1271 Keith Rogovin, three laps; 4. 1212 Greg Crew, three laps; 5. 1215 Michael Benedict, three laps.

Class 13 – 1. 1368 Jordan Poole, 5:04.17, three laps; 2. 1367 Evan Dixon, two laps; 3. 1307 Adam Spitz, two laps; 4. 1331 Bryon Reid, two laps; 5. 1336 Bree Cloud, two laps.

Class 1400 – 1. 1447 Darren Parsons, 5:04.55, three laps; 2. 1401 Bryson Hope, 5:55.23, three laps; 3.1417 Jason Wadsworth, three laps; 4.  1407 Josh Williams, three laps; 5. 1413 Sal Gomez, three laps; 6. 1416 Kevin Knight, three laps; 7. 1423 Jeff Musgrave, three laps; 8. 1412 Daniel Fertel, three laps.

Class 1450 – 1. 1490 Chris Amrein, 4:38.50, two laps; 4:38.50; 2. 1428 Kevin McKeown 5:01.38, two laps; 3. 1474 Kenny Flowers, 5:23.38, two laps; 3, 1496 Rhonda Koch Parkhouse, 5:39.20, two laps.

Class 1700 – 1. 1721 George Mortis 2:45.14, one lap; 2. 1709 Austin Stobaugh, 4:16.10, one lap.

Class 18 – 1. 1801 Cody Freeman 6:57.34, three laps; 2. John Pellissier, two laps.

Class 3000 – 1. 3088 Jay Wallick, 6:28.44, four laps; 2. 3060 Braden, three laps; 3. 3009 John Gould, three laps; 4. 3019 Dan Pfister, three laps.

Class 5-1600 – 1. 569 Guy Savedra, 5:18.27, three laps; 2. 570 Larry Antuna, 5:26.27, three laps; 3. 559 Marc Deshane, three laps.

Class 7U – 1. 7242 Brian Simmer, 5:05.38, three laps; 2. 7299 Keith Smith, one lap.

Class 8 – 1. 8002 Joe Patelli, 5:42.43 three laps.

Class 9 – 1. 996 Jimmy Taranto, 5:53.58, three laps; 2. 984 George Ventura, 6:08.13, three laps; 3. 904 Tyler Peterson, 6:18.22, three laps. 924 Mike Brown, 6:20.54, three laps.

Next race: Oct. 26-28, SNORE 250.


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