SACRAMENTO, CA – Brothers Don and Ken Moss raced their Ford Bronco to their 30th SCORE Class 3 victory at SCORE’s Laughlin Desert Challenge event on January 24 and 25. Over 100 racers from around the world gathered in the desert resort town on the shores of the Colorado River to challenge each other in side by side timed racing over multiple laps on the rugged six mile course.

The Moss Brothers won this race for the seventh time in eight years and have tied the SCORE record for most class wins in the history of the race. Moss is the current SCORE Class 3 champion, a title they have held six times. The recent20rains kept the dust on course to a minimum and pleasant temperatures provided a spectacular weekend for racers, fans and sponsors. The course remained challenging all weekend as multiple classes of racers took their turns, making each lap a little different from the one before. The only maintenance needed on the Bronco all weekend was tightening one of the front wheel bearings. The Moss brothers learned a long time ago that to finish first, first you must finish.

“The SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge is a wonderful event on the SCORE calendar and it is especially a great way to start the year,” said Sal Fish; SCORE President/CEO. “In our sport, it is about as fan friendly as you can get and nothing surpasses the hospitality the Laughlin resorts show our racers and fans. And the racing is awesome.” The Laughlin race is the one race all year where the whole Black Bronco team can have the opportunity to watch the race unfold. This year was made even more spectacular as team sponsor, Inquipco brought out a couple of scissor lifts from which the team could view the entire course.