Myles Cheek ‘s Professional Racing Debut – LOORRS Round 1&2



Just days before Rounds 1 & 2 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Modified Kart phenom Myles Cheek and entire Myles Cheek Racing team were putting in long hours on the ThyssenKrupp Pro Lite #57 and still unsure if they would in fact make it to the first round of racing.  In the weeks leading up to Rounds 1 & 2 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) the ThyssenKrupp Pro Lite #57 had been torn apart and put back together more times than the crew cares to remember.  With an unforeseen fan failure taking place so close to race weekend, the team was forced to pull the motor of the #57 in order to insure they were at the track for Round 1.

Successfully getting to the track for the LOORRS season opener at the Wild Horse Motorsports Park in Chandler Arizona, Myles Cheek collected his nerves and prepared himself for his professional racing début.  Myles suited up and strapped into the ThyssenKrupp Pro Lite #57 with great optimism.  Not only had Myles not raced against the other pros before, but Myles hadn’t ever raced the #57 in full race trim with other trucks on the track.  Things quickly became serious for Myles Cheek.


Qualifying 2nd in his group and 5th overall, Myles would find himself sitting on the front row lined up against multi-time Pro Lite champion and Freestyle Motorcross superstar Brian Deegan for the main event.  As if there wasn’t already a bit of added pressure with being the new guy on the block, sitting front row with 20 other Pro Lite Unlimited’s breathing down your back is more than a warm welcoming into the big leagues.

When the green flag dropped, Myles Cheek left all of his worries behind and got in “the zone”.  Pacing Deegan and keeping his speed, Myles started gaining confidence in the ThyssenKrupp Pro Lite #57 and confidence in himself knowing that he could keep up with arguably the best Pro Lite driver in the industry (Brian Deegan).  Taking direction from his spotter Mike Emerson up in the stands, Myles kept his cool through the first half of the race and waited patiently to put on the attack in the second half.

Myles-cheek-restart“I didn’t want to ruin anybody’s race (including my own) by making a rookie mistake so I just kept my cool and positioned myself well enough to capitalize on any mistake Deegan might have had.  Once I knew I could run with Deegan my whole perspective of the race changed and I instantly got hungry”, commented Myles Cheek.

cheek-congratsCheek would go on to lay down the fastest lap time of the main event and earn himself a very respectable second place finish in his professional debut


Picking up right where he left off, Myles Cheek went to Round 2 with a boost of confidence and no doubt in his mind that he had what it took to run in the front of the pack.  After a successful qualifying session, Myles would start the ThyssenKrupp Pro Lite #57 in the 6th place position and within striking distance of the number one spot.  Unfortunately for Myles Cheek the ThyssenKrupp Pro Lite #57 would get spun from behind early in the race and would force Myles to attempt to work his way out of the very last position on the track.

Not letting his track position bring him down, Myles battled his way through the pack relentlessly picking his way through the field.  Although further back in the field, Myles would again lay down the fastest lap time of the day and making a huge statement to the entire Pro Lite Unlimited division.  Myles would finish in the 15th position and leave him standing 8th in the championship points race with the entire season ahead of him.


“I had no idea what to expect coming into the first weekend.  The most important thing to me was to make it to the main event every round and finish within the top 10.  Now that I know I can hang with the top guys, I am much more confident going into Lake Elsinore.  I can honestly say I would not be here if it wasn’t for my amazing crew, Tim Goins (MCR Crew Chief) and the crew have absolutely killed it”, commented Myles Cheek.

Myles Cheek and the Myles Cheek Racing team will race under the lights at the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park on April 25th and 26th for Rounds 3 & 4 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.


Myles Cheek and the entire Myles Cheek Racing team would like to thank their amazing supporters:  ThyssenKrupp Materials, Alpinestars clothing, Lucas Oil, BF Goodrich Tires, CBR Radiators, Walker Evans Racing Wheels, Fox Shox, Eibach Springs, Magnaflow Exhaust, ASC Canopies, Impact Racing, Sign Pros, Troy Lee Racing, Specialty Fasteners, Dunham Metal Finishing, ATD Transmissions, Nogrady Racing Engines, Currie Rear Ends, Kartek, Pecoy Racing, Dailey Engineering, Oakley Eyewear, Hoystile Ind. Ultra Boats, VP Fuel, Strieght Edge Painting, QTM Brakes, PVP Vehicle Plumbing, CMI Precision Machining