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The Qatari Mad Man opened up a full day of “Yalla Yalla” on stage 7 of the DAKAR and turned a several minute deficit into a 6 minute lead over Frenchie Stephane Peterhansel’s MINI. Nassers lead is so significant it can only make the Eurozone wonder if 2-wheel drive off road cars are culturally acceptable.

"Of Course I am very Happy. I put the Yalla Yalla down on the DAKAR today"


“The car worked perfectly well today and we attacked from the beginning to the end of the special. We took a lot of risks to set the best time. Our objective is to claw back seven or eight minutes every day. And today we did it perfectly. We will do our best to repeat this performance in all stages from Monday onwards, or even try to do better. At any rate, we have no other choice if we still want to win the Dakar!”

Traditionally, anything “off-road” in Europe is strictly 4 wheel drive only. But back home in North America, the birthplace of the sport, 2-wheel drive is the standard rule and not the exception.


"Yes I feel very intimidated and out gunned in my little sports car, even with 4WD. I'm not even sure what I'm driving this year?"


Gordon and Campbell also proved their HUMMER has the same virility of Nassers. Although Al-Attiyah is winning stages, some bad luck still has him in 6th place, over 42 minutes out of the lead for the 2012 DAKAR Rally, so it makes sense that he is pushing at over 100% with little or nothing to lose.


“Overall good day for the Speed Energy Team. 1-2. Started off bad with flat and I did a slow change. RG put it down and there was tricky Nav in the dunes and we made good decisions and past PeterHansel and Holovich(wrong spelling) and left them. This was the first stage of dunes that we broke trail for the cars. We physically led for more than 100k to the finish. Felt good. Nasser and Lucas Cruz ran an incredible pace to win the stage from behind. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.”


TEAM SPEED and HUMMER are really making a strong showing and a good race with the MINI'S

ROBBY GORDON: “It really was a perfect day for the Hummers! I had a flat 25 km into the first special and Peterhansel overtook me, but we were later able to move back ahead of him. We will see exactly how much time we gained on him, but it is obvious that our car is extremely fast on this type of terrain. It is easy to see that it was designed for this sort of stages. We have also changed a lot of things, including the transmission, and it is now a fearsome machine. In fact, I am sure Nasser is going to win this thing… OK, the others are still ahead, but I think we are in a very good position for the rest of the rally.”
This showing by team SPEED and HUMMER has really turned a lot of heads all over the planet. The world is taking note of Robby Gordon’s strong effort. The MINI’s know they are getting their asses kicked in the sprints even though they are winning the marathon so they have to hope for mishaps, both mechanical and driver error, from Robby and Nasser in order to comfortably win the DAKAR. If indeed, the HUMMERs can maintain equipment and controlled drivers, they will own the DAKAR and we’ll have to see who will be getting the HUMMERS next year?

We take a rest day tomorrow, Sunday, and the rally will resume Monday AM en route to Antofogasta, Chile. Stay tuned.

The canyons and valleys of South America are bigger than life


Pos. Name Mark Time variation Penalty
300 HUMMER 03:26:57
303 HUMMER 03:34:27 00:07:30
302 MINI 03:34:50 00:07:53
304 MINI 03:41:54 00:14:57
305 MINI 03:42:16 00:15:19
301 TOYOTA 03:47:56 00:20:59
309 MINI 03:55:22 00:28:25
312 MINI 03:58:25 00:31:28
307 GREAT WALL 04:06:45 00:39:48
314 MITSUBISHI 04:11:39 00:44:42



Pos. Name Mark Time variation Penalty
302 MINI 15:32:53
304 MINI 15:44:15 00:11:22
303 HUMMER 15:46:02 00:13:09
305 MINI 15:50:58 00:18:05
301 TOYOTA 16:07:00 00:34:07
300 HUMMER 16:15:47 00:42:54
312 MINI 16:27:19 00:54:26
307 GREAT WALL 16:45:43 01:12:50
319 TOYOTA 17:14:31 01:41:38
315 MITSUBISHI 17:21:32 01:48:39



Pos. Name Mark Time variation Penalty
1 KTM 03:51:35
2 KTM 03:53:38 00:02:03
7 HUSQVARNA 03:54:24 00:02:49
3 YAMAHA 03:55:21 00:03:46
20 KTM 03:58:25 00:06:50
6 KTM 03:59:42 00:08:07
14 YAMAHA 04:00:18 00:08:43
8 KTM 04:00:23 00:08:48
15 SHERCO 04:00:59 00:09:24
10 KTM 04:03:01 00:11:26


Pos. Name Mark Time variation Penalty
2 KTM 18:12:38
1 KTM 18:20:26 00:07:48
3 YAMAHA 19:02:17 00:49:39
7 HUSQVARNA 19:08:11 00:55:33 00:06:00
14 YAMAHA 19:18:16 01:05:38
10 KTM 19:20:18 01:07:40
20 KTM 19:20:38 01:08:00
32 KTM 19:29:57 01:17:19
4 APRILIA 19:29:58 01:17:20
5 KTM 19:36:26 01:23:48