National Off-Road Racing Series signs Billy Haendiges as Executive Producer for their CBS affiliate Broadcast

logosmall6National Off-Road Racing Series (NORRS) is proud to announce Billy Haendiges as the Executive Producer of the National Off-Road Racing Series. Billy was instrumental in the national growth of shortcourse Racing for the past three years with Championship Off Road Racing series, and is credited with having a stylistic approach to his award winning motorsports broadcasts. With over hundred hours of shortcourse programming experience, along with being on the forefront of driver and sponsorship TV integration, Billy has the skills to build up NORRS and our drivers the way he has for the sport the past three years.

NORRS has secured CBS affiliate air time in the prime off road markets, and we find it very important to allocate the proper funds to the production and infrastructure where needed to promote growth and support for our new sponsors and drivers. 2009 promises to be a turning point for shortcourse racing and NORRS is working hard to provide the best value for Sponsors, Drivers and Fans.


“I am looking forward to the amazing year of growth and continuing to raise the bar for shortcourse TV programming. After a long break, it will be great to meet the new drivers and see some old friends back racing”

    –Billy Haendiges.