New Faces on Top of the Podium at Round 2 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

On a cooler day, for Arizona, there were several new faces on top of the podium for the second day of racing at Firebird Raceway. Congratulations to Jeff “Ox” Kargola for his first win ever in Super Lite, he’s had a great couple of weeks as he’s coming off a win at the San Felipe 250. Here’s how the rest of the classes went:

Rick Huseman taking the lead in Pro 4
Rick Huseman taking the lead in Pro 4

Pro 4 – It’s a new season in Pro 4, but the results stay the same. Rick Huseman is light years ahead of the competition and someone is really going to have to step up their game to catch the man. He’s qualifying first for every race and backs that up by consistently running faster than the rest of the field. Huseman started this race in the 2nd row and chased Adrian Cenni around the track for a few laps before Cenni made a mistake and Huseman was by him. After that, there’s no looking back and no one has proven his equal of late. The more entertaining portion of the race was watching Johnny Greaves, who started in Huseman’s row, run into some early problems and had to claw his way back to the front from the back of the pack. Amazingly he managed just that and passed the rest of the field to finish second.

1. Rick Huseman
2. Johnny Greaves
3. Carl Renezeder

Chris Brandt battling with Ampudia
Chris Brandt battling with Ampudia

Pro Lite – The Pro Lite class turned out an entertaining race today, as some new faces made the podium and made some new fans. Brian Deegan was leading most of the race and looked to be running away with it, when he had engine problems and had to limp the rest of the way around the track for season points. That left room for Chris Brandt, Jimmy Stephensen and Jacob Person to battle it out for the win. Brandt definitely looks to be in top form as he followed up his second place finish from the day before with a solid win. Jacob Person held off some well known contenders for a third place finish and Jimmy Stephensen bettered his 3rd place result from the day before with a 2nd place finish.

1. Chris Brandt
2. Jimmy Stephensen
3. Jacob Person

Rob "Fig" Naughton's first win in Pro 2
Rob "Fig" Naughton's first win in Pro 2

Pro 2 – The premier event of the day featured a crowded field that banged and battled the entire race leaving behind enough fiberglass on the track to create job security for the fabricators. The race began with Deegan up in the front row, which is where he ran for a good portion of the race. Rob MacCachren lost his drive shaft early in the race and had to pull into the infield. Rob “Fig” Naughton and Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath, teammates on the Stronghold Team, were chasing after Deegan, with Renezeder, Woods, Adler and Marty Hart trailing. Naughton pulled a beautiful pass on Deegan out of the fourth turn only to have Deegan pass right back. Shortly after that McGrath got into Deegan’s side spinning him, and allowing Naughton and McGrath to get by. Naughton held on for the win, his first in his second season of Pro 2 racing. It was great to see new faces on the podium as the superstars of motocross are rapidly becoming the stars of short course.

1. Rob “Fig” Naughton
2. Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath
3. Brian Deegan


Rounds 3 and 4 of Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing takes place in Surprise, Arizona on April 16th and 17th.

Photos by HighRev Photography