NEW Selective Yellow Pro Lighting Setup!

Vision X Pro UTV Set Up : Mike Cafro
Featuring: ALL-NEW Selective Yellow Lens Off-road Lights

​​​Go with off-road champion Mike Cafro as he shows you his Vision X light pro set on his Polaris Turbo S race Car. On his factory Polaris Racecar, Mike chooses a combination of one 6.7″ ADV LED Light Cannon and two 6.7″ CG2 Multi-LED Light Cannons with the all-new selective yellow lens giving him over 35,000 Lumens!

This light combination gives you both long-distance light and a massive amount of light directly in front of the vehicle giving you the best of both worlds. The Vision X ADV and CG2 both run the new selective yellow lens that cut through the dust giving you better clarity which is especially useful when chasing down race competitors at night.

Whether you are racing or just need the best off-road lights in the industry, All of these same Vision X lights can also be used on your truck, jeep, or SUV giving you the ultimate quality and performance in off-road lighting.

Visit or ask for Vision X off-road lights at your local off-road shop.