Nick Nelson Will Start First At King Of The Hammers

Today the best of the best in the 4400 class laid it down to qualify for the big show on Friday. Nick Nelson took the top spot racing his car to a time of 2:18:3, barely beating last years race winner Jason Scherer by .10 of a second.

Top 10 4400 Qualifying Result
1. Nick Nelson – 2:18:3
2. Jason Scherer – 2:18:4
3. Loren Healy – 2:19:7
4. Bryan Crofts – 2:21:6
5. JP Gomez – 2:24:3
6. Casey Currie – 2:24:6
7. Cody Addington – 2:25:7
8. Paul Horschel – 2:26:1
9. Jordan Pellegrino – 2:26:7
10. Shannon Campbell 2:26:8

Rounding out the Top 5 were Loren Healy, Bryan Crofts, and JP Gomez.

Starting first for this race has its advantages but with the format of the event things get a little interesting. One obstacle on the course, Backdoor and Resolution, have to be run by each competitor but they get to chose which lap of the three they do it in.

Will Nelson tackle it first lap and get it out of the way and let other drivers get ahead of him? Or wait till later in the race and risk getting there in back traffic?

Thats what makes this race so exciting and we can’t wait for all the action to start.

Photos by HighRev Photography