NOHVCC 2019 Year in Review

2019 NOHVCC Year in Review

2019 has been another great year for NOHVCC! Thanks to our partners we had an outstanding conference in Reno, our communications have continued to ramp up, and of course NOHVCC staff and Partners have been busy on many projects.  Take a look below to get a better picture of some of the things NOHVCC was up to in 2019.

Communications and Website

In 2019 NOHVCC continued to move forward with the communications strategy implemented in 2018.  This included continuing to provide frequent communications through a blog-style format on the new site. NOHVCC continues to average nearly 2 communications per week (including communication directly to Partners). Increased communication has shown results as engagement by the NOHVCC network is steadily increasing.
One popular blog series was our “Meet the Partner” articles.  Using information culled from annual reports we were able to highlight success stories that Partners achieved in the prior year, as well as provide a short bio of the Partner.  NOHVCC hopes to revive this series in 2020.

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