NOHVCC and INOHVAA Conference Agendas Now Available!

All Important Conference Information In One Place!

NOHVCC and INOHVAA Conference Agendas Now Available!

The agendas for the NOHVCC and INOHVAA Conferences in Reno, Nevada next week are now available. For those attending this year – take a look to get a sense of the unique opportunities and presentations in which you will be able to participate. NOHVCC staff has worked hard to put together an exciting mobile workshop (more information here and here ) and to bring in a carefully selected group of presenters – some of whom many of us know well, and some of whom will be new to even those who have attended many previous Conferences.
Click here to view NOHVCC’s Agenda.
Click here to view INOHVAA’s Agenda.

Important Information For Mobile Workshop Participants!

The NOHVCC Mobile Workshop is Thursday, October 17. You must register in advance to participate.
The Workshop will be held at Prison Hill Recreation area just outside of Carson City, NV. NOHVCC is currently in phase two of a three-phase project at the area and participants in will have an opportunity to gain a unique insight into the on-the-ground work (such as trail layout) that NOHVCC espouses.
The Workshop will be broken into three sessions. Each attendee will have an opportunity to participate in each session. Transportation to and from the Conference hotel (Whitney Peake) and lunch will be provided to registered participants.

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