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Norman Motorsports / Enduro Racing Trophy Truck

If you hear “Duralast Trophy Truck” mentioned at any race or off road event today, most will remember the unique sound of it’s 8 into 1 exhaust screaming across the desert.  This one of a kind Trophy Truck that sounded more like a F1 race car was the creation of Dan Smith and Dave Ashley of the Enduro Racing team.

The Duralast Trophy Truck in it’s original paint design at the 2000 Laughlin Desert Challenge.

With their 10 year old class 8 truck, Enduro Racing was named champions in both the trophy truck class of the 1998 SCORE race series, as well as the Trick Truck class of the 1998 Best in the Desert race series.  Even after being named champions with this older truck, they decided it was time to debut a new Trophy Truck for the 1999 season and the new “Duralast Trophy Truck” was born.

In the 90’s, Bill Savage built the “Baja Truck” chassis, intending to start up a new spec truck class to compete with the once thriving Pro Truck series created by off road legend Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart.  Though it was unfortunate that these “Baja Trucks” were never actually completed and production of them ended prematurely, Dan and Dave were both impressed with the chassis and decided it would make the perfect platform for their new single seat Trophy Truck, which quickly became known as the “Duralast Trophy Truck.”.

duralast trophy truck - torqshift at ojos jump
2003 SCORE Baja 1000 Ojos jump

Changes were made to the Baja Truck chassis replacing the front suspension with their own A-Arm design, making them more competitive in the Trophy Truck class compared to the original hybrid 4-link TTB design of the Baja Truck.  The rear quarter elliptic suspension of the Baja Truck chassis was also replaced with a conventional 4 link coil-over setup.  Enduro Racing custom built their own 3.5” bypass shocks for the front and rear suspension which were eventually replaced with King shocks.

Enduro Racing was also fortunate enough to still have the support from Ford, who designed a custom 4 valve 5.4 DOHC engine for the new truck.  We don’t have the original specs but it was rumored to have over 700 HP at over 5500 RPM.  The sound of this truck was one of a kind as you can hear in the video.

Over the years, while owned by Enduro Racing, the sponsorships and graphics changed from Duralast to Torqshift, BFGoodrich and Optima Batteries.  It wasn’t until more recently, in 2007, when Roger Norman purchased the truck, that it was changed to Norman Motorsports and their signature paint scheme.  In 2008, Rodger Norman decided to swap out the drive train for a Patton 442 engine and a Rancho Drivetrain Turbo 400 transmission. (full specs below)

duralast trophy truck front suspension
The truck as it sits today at Norman Motorsports

After racing this truck for a few years, Roger Norman bought the #99 Nick Baldwin Trophy Truck to be used as his main race truck.  The former Duralast truck was still used in smaller races as well as some Baja prerunning.

Currently, this well known truck is for sale in the RDC classifieds (click here).  With all its history and all of its class wins, this would be the perfect truck for anyone looking to compete or to be behind the wheel of a powerful, one of a kind, off-road race vehicle.

Race Wins:

8 class wins – The 1999 BITD Silver State 300, the 2000 SCORE Baja 2000, the 2001 SCORE Baja 500, the 2001 SCORE Primm 300, the 2001 SCORE Baja 1000, the 2002 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, the 2002 SCORE San Felipe 250, and the 2002 SCORE Baja 1000.  It has 1 class point’s championship – 2001 SCORE Desert Racing Series.

Owner: Roger Norman – Norman Motorsports
Builder: Enduro Racing
Chassis: Enduro Racing Single-Seat Trophy Truck (originally a “Baja Truck” chassis built by Bill Savage / SPD Racing Products)
Weight: 4900lbs
Wheel Base: 126”
Track Width: 92”
Front Suspension: A-arm 4.0 king kong 4 tube bypass, 2.5 king coil carriers, 2.0 king bumpstops. 24″ travel
Rear Suspension: 4link w/ swaybar 4 tube 4.0 bypass, 2.5 king coil carriers, 2.0 king bumpstops
Engine: Patton Racing Engine
all aluminum block and heads
442 ci
660 ft. lbs. torque
Peak hp 6000 rpm
Peak torque 5000 rpm
JE pistons
Motec Ecu
F&L race fuel
Transmission: Rancho Drivetrain Engineering turbo 400
Fuel Cell: (2) fuel cells
(1) 75+ ga. for long distance races
(1) 45 ga. for short distance races
Steering: Howe Performance steering box/Enduro Racing assist ram
Tires: BFGoodrich 37 x 17 Baja T/A projects
Wheels: KMC 17″ Enduro beadlocks
Paint: Chris Hukill at Hukill paint and graphics
Seats: Cobra Technologies
Brakes: CNC 4 piston calpiers and master cylinders
Communication: Kenwood 110 watt race radio
Navigation: 6” lowrance gps
This vehicle is for sale Fully prepped, ready to race or prerun
Contact:  jakehdra at yahoo.com
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This trophy truck is one my favorites out there in baja, for years I didn´t know what had happened to this wonderful truck, I still remenber the sounf of that powerful engine in the baja 2000, that engine sounded like a ferrari car, simply amazing, this truck and the Toyota tundra of Ivan Stewart, both trucks are wonderful.