Not Food for Old Men: A Mexican Culinary Adventure -

Not Food for Old Men: A Mexican Culinary Adventure

Off-roading and food are inherently tied together. Anybody who has pre-run with me knows I navigate based on where the best food stops will be. In fact, one of my favorite things about pre-running is exploring not just the land but finding new food spots with new and interesting food. Fortunately Baja is going through sort of a food renaissance, realizing they have amazing resources and a deep talent pool of young people who are now taking pride in being from Baja instead of trying to emulate France or other culinary heavyweight countries. The challenge is finding the good stuff and takes some work. Once you step out of the tourist traps and the basic Carne Asada Tacos, you start to uncover a whole world of delicious food in Baja.

Not Food For Old Men Cook Book
The new recipe book “Not Food for Old Men” serves as a visually stunning gastronomic guide to the Baja peninsula. Written by in both Spanish and English it is a great hit list of dishes to taste and try making yourself if you are so inclined. The book serves a larger purpose though and seeks to share the visual beauty as well as the beautiful culinary flavors of Baja. The book also contains short anecdotal stories that help the reader grasp the spirit of Bajal. One of my favorites is the story of Jim Morrison writing an extended end to the song “The End” as an ode to Ensenada. The recipes in the book range from simple Marlin Tacos to more complex Chiles in Nogada. A few of the chefs who contributed recipes are Victoria Sánchez, Edgar Román, and Uziel Leaño.

By Anabelle Rosell Aguilar (Author), Reyna Jaime (Author), Giovanni Simeone (Photographer)

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