Off-road short course ace Johnny Greaves sets new track record at Traxxas TORC Crandon Brush Run

Largest crowd ever at the Potawatomi Brush Run ‘11 witnesses the fastest lap of all-time; Caddell (PRO Lights) & MacCachren (PRO 2) also win.

Off-road short course racing’s premier facility – Crandon International Speedway – played host to the largest crowd in the history of the June Potawatomi Brush Run 2011, round two of the Traxxas TORC Series, presented by AMSOIL. Responding in kind, the racers put on a heck of a shot, led by local Wisconsin native Johnny Greaves (Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis) who blazed to victory in the premier PRO 4 class and, in the process, broke the all-time track lap record set by Rick Huseman.

Running the No. 22 black and green truck familiar to the Traxxas TORC Series faithful, Greaves took advantage of the pristine conditions at the wide open 1.25 mile track and put the hammer down on the fastest lap – known as the Oakley Bomb Lap – in the 42 year history of Crandon. Greaves’ 1:18.983 beat Huseman’s 1:19.482 by a full half second.

“Oh man – I felt like a little kid in my first race on those last two laps,” said Greaves, being chased to the record lap time relentlessly by rival Ricky Johnson (Red Bull/Mopar/Ram/KMC Wheels).  “My feet were shaking the last couple laps. You can’t believe the speeds we were running.”

Those speeds, well in excess of 100 mph, separated Greaves and Johnson from the rest of the pack after the mandatory caution that bunches the racers back up at the halfway point of the contest. Johnson was on it, but in the end just didn’t have it for Greaves. “Today was my first race in the PRO 4 class at Crandon and I learned a lot from Johnny Greaves,” said Johnson.

Third place in the PRO 4 went to a rip-roarin’ Steve Barlow in the Metal Mulisha/Ebay Motors/Maxxis truck.

In PRO 2 action it was all Rob MacCachren (Traxxas/AMSOIL/BFG) early as the No. 21 Mopar-powered Ram pulled the holeshot and went straight into battle with Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis’ Marty Hart. Hart would lead briefly at the end of the first lap, then MacCachren put the hammer down and led it to the mandatory caution re-start. On the restart Bryce Menzies (Red Bull/Mopar/Ram/KMC Wheels) – MacCachren’s former teammate – got past the No. 21 and led the contest one lap into the caution re-start. But that lead would be short-lived as Menzies ‘bicycled’ his Mopar-charged Ram and that’s all MacCachren needed to roar into the lead.

“I couldn’t let the little guy (Menzies) get by me,” said MacCachren.

Added Menzies: “The same move I used to get by him (MacCachren), he used to get by me. We used to be teammates, so it’s cool to see both of us up here on the podium.”

Rounding out the podium was local northern Wisconsin racer Jeff Kincaid (Traxxas/Ford/BFG) who, in his first race of the 2011 Traxxas TORC Series season, held off a hard-charging Hart for the final PRO 2 podium spot.

PRO Lights at Crandon provide the most exciting smash up for the fans in the middle of the bottle-necked, high speed first turn. Though fault was inconclusive as of this posting, the multi-truck wreck collected RJ Anderson (Walker Evans/Mopar/Ram) and Randy Eller (Maxxis/PSC Steering/AMSOIL) – literally putting Eller up off the track and into the cable strewn between the 12-foot high infield fencing, trapping Eller there like a bug in a spider web.

Traxxas/Mopar/AMSOIL/BFG’s Andrew Caddell, who’s front end bodywork was torn completely off his truck in the mishap, took full advantage of the restart and pulled the holeshot away from Mikey Vanden Heuvel (Maxxis/ATD Trans/Boatec) and Brad Lovell (AMSOIL/BFG/Torchmate). And as Caddell and Lovell would distance themselves from the rest of the pack it should be noted that Traxxas TORC Series round one PRO Light back-to-back winner at RedBud MX, Samuel Hubinette (Traxxas/Mopar/AMSOIL/BFG) suffered mechanical issues and was not a factor at Crandon.

At the third start of the race – the mandatory caution restart – Caddell and Lovell again pulled away from the rest of the field, and stayed that way through the checkers – with Shawn Morris (Maxxis/AMSOIL/Performance Auto Repair) winning the battle for the final PRO Light podium spot at Crandon.

“The track was fast today and my crew gave me a great truck,” said Caddell, holding the $,1000 Traxxas Maxx Lap big check for the day’s fastest PRO Light lap. “This feels like last year and I just want to keep things rolling.”

Crandon Saturday PRO 4

1st – Johnny Greaves

2nd – Ricky Johnson

3rd – Steve Barlow

4th – Scott Douglas

5th – Mark Jenkins


PRO 4 Series Points

1st – Ricky Johnson – 46

2nd – Johnny Greaves – 45

2nd  – Scott Douglas – 45

4th – Steve Barlow – 36

4th – Mark Jenkins – 36


Crandon Saturday PRO 2

1st – Rob MacCachren

2nd – Bryce Menzies

3rd – Steve Barlow

4th – Chad Hord

5th – Scott Taylor


PRO 2 Series Points

1st – Rob MacCachren – 54

2nd – Bryce Menzies – 42

3rd – Scott Taylor – 38

4th – Chad Hord – 34

5th – Mike Oberg – 30


Crandon Saturday PRO Light

1st – Andrew Caddell

2nd – Brad Lovell

3rd – Shawn Morris

4th – Ross Hoek

5th – Todd Cunningham


PRO Light Series Points

1st – Samuel Hubinette – 54

2nd – Andrew Caddell – 49

3rd – CJ Greaves – 48

4th – Shawn Morris – 43

5th – Ross Hoek – 41


Oakley Bomb Award & Traxxas Maxx Lap (fast lap @ Crandon/Saturday)

PRO 4 – Johnny Greaves (Oakley Bomb)

PRO 2 – Bryce Menzies (Oakley Bomb)

PRO Light – Andrew Caddell (Traxxas Maxx Lap)


Manufacturers Championship (PRO Light, PRO 2 & PRO 4)

1st – Ram, 169 points

2nd – Ford, 137 points

3rd – Toyota, 113 points


PRO Tire Championship

1st – BFG, 172 points

2nd – Maxxis, 125 points

3rd – General, 41 points


Sportsman class results, Crandon/Saturday

Super Buggy

1st – Larry Job

2nd – CJ Greaves

3rd – Bob Klaus


1600 Buggy

1st – John Fitzgerald

2nd – Mark Steinhardt

3rd – Brad Erickson


Super Stock Truck

1st – Scott Beauchamp

2nd – Don Demeny

3rd – Larry Maciosek


1600 Light Buggy

1st – Matt Gerald

2nd – Greg Stingle

3rd – Todd Lemke


Super Truck

1st – Dan Badoux

2nd – Bob Gremler Jr.

3rd – Zane Roberts


Stock Truck

1st – Nick Baumgartner

2nd – Bob Birkholz

3rd – Matt Ives



1st – Robert Weiland

2nd – Dale Chestnut

3rd – Fay Statezny


Formula 4×4

1st – Bradley Lamarche

2nd – Dave Miah

3rd – Don Koehler


Pat Schutte story & photo

Hey Johnnie:

You are as awesome as always! So peoud of you. We couldn't be atth races because of a close family weddingbut followed you thru the wole thing. Congrats once again. See you in the fall!!!

Dort & Bob